‘Dancing With the Stars’ Partners Melissa Rycroft and Tony Dovolani Talk New Judging System, Dance Diet (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

DWTS says farewell to Pamela Anderson.
It’s been three years since Melissa Rycroft and Tony Dovolani have hit the Dancing With the Stars floor.

Now, one week into the All Stars edition, the team has a newfound respect for the show — and each other.

Celebuzz caught up with the pair during a recent rehearsal, where Rycroft and Dovolani were prepping for the jive.

“Her attention span is quite different now,” Dovolani joked of Rycroft. “It used to be like a mosquito, now actually, she pays attention.”

“Tony’s calmed down, a little bit,” Melissa fired back.

And she was serious.

“He has such a more relaxed approach this season, and I think on Season 8 he was thrown into it as fast as I was . . . now he is the king of saying, ‘You can’t control what you can’t control,’” she added.

What else did Rycroft and Dovolani dish on, and what do they really think of the new judging system?

Unlike previous seasons of Dancing With the Stars, the judges on the All Stars edition have the option of using half-points when tabulating the scores of each performance.

“I like it, but it’s really hard to do the math that quick,” Rycroft told us.

“I like it for a season like this, when the scores are going to be so close. I’m not sure in a regular season that you need the halves,” she added.

With demanding dance practices back in full swing, Rycroft and Dovolani are also back on a strict diet.

“When you are dancing this much, all we do is down protein bars and oatmeal . . . you feel it, we’re doing the jive this week, and after a couple times, if you haven’t eaten right, you get the shakes,” she said.

The next episode of Dancing With the Stars: All Stars airs on Monday at 8PM on ABC.

For more of our chat with Melissa Rycroft and Tony Dovolani, check out the video above. Who is your favorite to win on this season of ‘DWTS?’ Share your thoughts below!

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