One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson Talks ‘Take Me Home,’ Liam’s New Hair Cut and Collaborating with Psy (EXCLUSIVE)

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Louis Tomlinson is often referred to as the jokester of One Direction, but the 20-year-old sensation tells Celebuzz that when it comes to the band, he’s fiercely protective.

“I will definitely defend our image,” said Tomlinson. “Obviously, I won’t stand for people saying things or writing things that aren’t true. I just think that’s disrespectful.”

He’ll also defend his fellow bandmate’s image. Liam Payne recently shaved off his signature locks, and while Tomlinson wasn’t the man responsible for the buzz cut — although he wishes he was — he thinks Payne’s new hair “looks really cool.” Not to mention that it also reminds him of his favorite television character: One Tree Hill’s Lucas Scott.

In our exclusive interview with the boy bander, Tomlinson talks One Tree Hill, his favorite tracks on One Direction’s forthcoming album, Take Me Home, and a possible future collaboration with “Gangnam Style” crooner PSY. 

Liam [Payne] just shaved his hair, and I have to know: Were you responsible for his new buzz cut?

No! I would have loved to have done it, though. But it had to have been done in a controlled environment, so I’m not quite sure he’d want me to do that, which is unfortunate. I think it looks really cool! Have you seen any pictures of it?

Of course!

Do you know what it looks like? It’s a similar cut to one of friends, Chad Michael Murray from One Tree Hill. I think it looks like one of his hair cuts from One Tree Hill. At one point, Lucas shaves his head and it looks exactly like that. I think it was during Season 2.

It was during Season 2! So you and Chad Michael Murray are BFFs now? 

I just did a bit of a name drop, haven’t I? I promise I don’t do that often. But I’m actually a huge fan of One Tree Hill, and I tweeted about how much I loved it. Then, our incredible fans found him and tweeted at him, and then we started tweeting back and forth. We swapped numbers, and we’ve kept in touch ever since. He’s a really nice guy.

Now I have to ask: Lucas and Peyton or Lucas and Brooke?

I have to go with Lucas and Peyton, I’m afraid. Although Brooke is really fit — really, really hot. But I was always a Lucas and Peyton fan. True love always, right?

So you were spotted in a fat suit recently. I have to say, you looked pretty spectacular in it. 

Thanks very much! I try very hard, you know.

Where you filming an album promo?

It’s actually for our tour screens, when we’re doing our quick changes. It’s going to be pretty cool. I think the fans will have a good laugh. I know I did.

Do you feel like “Live While We’re Young” is a continuation of the songs on Up All Night

Yeah, I don’t think that it is that different. It has a few differences, but most of all it’s pretty similar. I think musically, the drums are heavier and there’s more guitar, which I quite like. But it sounds like something that could have been on Up All Night. We didn’t want to turn people off.

It’s kind of like your version of YOLO. 

It is that! You only live once, you know? So you’ve got to just embrace it.

Would you say that Take Me Home is a more mature album?

I think it’s a bit more mature, for sure. Obviously, there aren’t that many big changes, but I do think it’s just a better album. It does sound a bit more mature. We want the album to grow with us. We’re a year older, so our music sounds a bit older, I suppose.

Do you have a favorite track on the album? 

I’m not sure if it’s my favorite, but the most personal one, the one we wrote the majority of the lyrics for, is a song called “Back for You.” It’s all about being away on tour and missing our girlfriends.

Have many of the tracks on album did you co-write?

We’ve written five on the album, which we’re very happy with. We always want to push for as much writing as possible because we want it to sound as real and as genuine as possible. It’s really important for us to be part of that writing process. We hope to do more with every album.

There are two songs on the album penned by singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran. What can you tell us about those tracks? 

Those two are great. I absolutely love both of them. I don’t think I could choose one over the other. Ed is an amazing lyricist, and we’re very lucky to get the chance to work with him because he’s blowing up right now in America as well.

And you also worked with McFly’s Tom Fletcher on a track. I know that you were a huge fan of Busted and McFly, so what was that experience like?

Yeah, it was great! “I Want” was one of my favorite songs on the first album, so I was excited to work with him again. He’s written a song this time around with a similar name, so I can’t wait for our fans to hear it. I think he’s a great writer and he writes great melodies. We went to his place and Danny [Jones] was there, and they put the barbecue on. It was a fun time.

McFly has been together now for over 10 years, so was there any advice he gave you guys on how to stay successful? 

Oh, they’re great role models. They’ve been through it, so it was really nice to have the chance to talk to them about their experiences. They’ve been so successful because they’ve managed to be themselves from the start. There aren’t any egos, you know? I think that’s really important in a band.

Your tour opener, Olly Murs, described you as the more business-minded guy in One Direction. Do you agree with that? 

Is that what he said? That’s interesting! I think I am quite business-minded. When it comes down to the day-to-day, I do enjoy having a laugh and joke, but when it comes to the band, it’s really important to me for us to be portrayed exactly as we want to be portrayed as a band. I will definitely defend our image. Obviously, I won’t stand for people saying things or writing things that aren’t true. I just think that’s disrespectful.

Now, PSY has recently stated that he’d love to collaborate with you guys, and last week, you all did the “Gangnam Style” dance on “Alan Carr Chatty Man” in the UK. Are you open to a collaboration in the future?

I think he is really cool. And I love that song. It’s very, very funny. At the VMAs, we got to meet him, and he seems like a fun guy to work with. As far as collaborating with him, who knows? We’ve already finished the album, but it would be good fun. Maybe you’ll see a video pop up. That would be cool.

Who’s the best at the “Gangnam Style” dance? 

I think that would definitely have to be Zayn.

“Live While We’re Young” is currently on sale. One Direction’s sophomore album, Take Me Home, hits shelves on Nov. 13.