‘Pitch Perfect’ Star Rebel Wilson to Elizabeth Banks: Put Me in ‘Hunger Games’ (VIDEO)

Rebel Wilson stars in the upcoming comedy Pitch Perfect, and the Australian native delivers another amazing comedic performance. However, it seems she gets into just as much hilarious trouble off screen, too!

Fresh off the success of Bridesmaids, Wilson revealed that she really is living with her onscreen roommate Matt Lucas in West Hollywood, and they haven’t exactly gotten a warm reception from their neighbors.

Read on to find out what the anonymous neighbor has done now, plus why Wilson wants in on Hunger Games:

“Yeah, okay we had some eggs thrown for some kind of retaliation,” Wilson laughed.

Rebel recently appeared on Conan O’Brien where she showed a letter from an “anonymous” neighbor who threatened to call the cops on her and Matt if they didn’t stop singing show tunes after 10 p.m.

Hasn’t he or she seen the previews for Pitch Perfect? Rebel’s just keeping those vocal chords strong!

“We are assuming it’s the same person who wrote us the letter,” Rebel said. “I would just like to call a truce, seriously. Lets all just love each other.”

Rebel Wilson stars in a capella comedy (that is a hit with the critics) which opens nationwide this Friday. Elizabeth Banks is a producer on the film and wanted Wilson to play “Fat Amy” from day one.

“Put me in Hunger Games then if you think I’m good,” Wilson joked. “Seriously, what’s up Banks?”