'Real Housewives of New Jersey' Reunion Recap: The 5 Hottest Moments

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It has been a year since the ladies of The Garden State were all in one room together, but that doesn't mean time apart healed old wounds! Fans of Bravo's The Real Housewives of New Jersey have been hearing for awhile just how contentious things are between Teresa Giudice and fellow Housewives Caroline Manzo, Jacqueline Laurita, Melissa Gorga and Kathy Wakile.

Part 1 of the reunion show placed a spotlight on the gulf between Tre and the others.

Here are some of the jaw-dropping moments from the special.

Rosie explodes: Kathy's fun loving sister saw red as she listened off camera to her cousin Tre trash talk her deceased father. The housewives were stunned as they heard Rosie's angry outburst geared towards Teresa over comments that her father was more involved in Kathy and Rosie's lives than their own. Melissa whispered to host Andy Cohen that Rosie would kill Teresa for the jab she made. Sure enough, Rosie demanded backstage that someone stop Teresa for the things she said. All the snark and catty comments were forgotten when Rosie yelled she will "cut out" Teresa's tongue and wasn't afraid to go to jail for it.

Lauren Manzo's showdown with Teresa: Caroline’s baby girl flaunted her 35-pound weight loss and discussed her decision to undergo lap band surgery. Things took a nasty turn when Cohen asked Teresa what she thought about Caroline's parenting skills. At first Tre seemed to praise them, but threw in a dig about the kids not having jobs before starting their own businesses. Tre just didn't know when to leave things alone... Caroline ripped into her former friend for her diss, but Lauren took over for her mother and lit into her after she stated Mama Manzo had nothing but "blubber," and needed to get fillers for her face. Lauren pointed out comments such as those are the reasons behind so many suicides in teens and hurled allegations that Teresa doesn't write her blog for Bravo! Lauren went so far as to insist T spell "napalm" and define it since it was in one of her blogs and stated it was proof she never wrote them since she doesn't know what the word means.

Jacqueline breaks down discussing her son's autism: Viewers shed tears as Bravo compiled a montage which involved Jacq's son Nicholas, who was recently revealed to be diagnosed with autism. An emotional Jacqueline admitted her son isn't able to tell her he loves her anymore. Tears quickly turned into venom when Teresa remarked that her youngest daughter Audriana and Nicholas were once boyfriend and girlfriend, but they broke up. Caroline jumped to her sister-in-law's defense and informed Tre the moment wasn't about her and "your f--king Christmas pageant dress, sit back and shut the f--k up".

Caroline’s tough love backlash: Viewers of RHONJ have come to love the fiery redhead’s tough talking and no nonsense attitude when it comes to her family and friends. This past season, there was quite a bit of fans who weren’t thrilled by her attitude with her children and blunt talk which involved Teresa. Mama Manzo admitted she was a bit of a bitch -- all caused by filming and will work on her behavior.

Melissa’s allegations that Teresa manhandled her at Gia’s birthday: If things weren’t bad enough between the sister-in-laws before, Melissa’s latest claims may just do the trick. The wannabe pop diva claimed Teresa chased after her in the parking lot and grabbed her arm, something the New York Times Bestselling cookbook author declared to be untrue. Will these women ever get along?

Buzz Moments

OMG!: Jacqueline gets a back bone. Since RHONJ began, viewers have been clamoring for her to stand up for herself when being picked on. Jacq did and then some against former BFF Teresa.

Thank you, TV gods.: Caroline attempting to have a real heart-to-heart with Teresa about the situations she's in with her family and friends without any yelling.

Awk-ward: Teresa and Kathy fighting over whose husband can pick up more women. Married women don't want to hear that.

Hotness: Kathy's nose job and lips. Richie better watch his back, the men are going to pay serious attention to his woman!

Fab-u-lous: Although the ladies were steaming mad at Tre, they still brought their A-game with their gowns.

Can. Not. Wait.: I'm excited for Rosie to have her say about everything, as well as the husbands taking their turn on the couch and getting to the bottom of stripper-gate surrounding Melissa.

Celebuzz Meter (1-10): 10

Is Teresa in denial with her relationships with the ladies? Are the women unfairly ganging up on Tre? Tell us in the comments.

– Jillian Bowe




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  • dd

    Does anyone know when the reunion the final reunion with all of them is actually aired on TV?

  • Brenda Daddysman
    Brenda Daddysman

    Carolne Manzo needs to be let go.There seems to be nothing more that she can bring to this to the show,and also her kids.Frankly they seem to have nothing to be of interest. Tre has paid a very high price for this show,only to lose the people she loves. I am not saying that she without fault,but with issues like these,people have a tendacy to go away from each other,just to get some needed space to let things settle down a bit. But time goes by so quickly that it ends up being FOREVER....

  • Teresa

    Teresa is fine! Melissa is a jealous scene grabbing monger. It has to be about her. She has destroyed the relationship w/Teresa & her brother. Taking Danielle in her confidence has never been talked about (Melissa) started the bad blood. Melissa wanted to launch her singing career! That's what this is all about. Making Teresa look bad is a plus for Melissa.

  • Tanya

    Teresa has gone over to 'the dark side'. She is unable to relax or tell the truth about pretty much anything. It is very stressful to watch the show or the reunions of any of the housewives; I don't know what Bravo is thinking by keeping on with this kind of programing. They need a mud fight at the end of each season. It is about that stupid of a show...

  • Audrey Diamond
    Audrey Diamond

    I don't like Caroline she hates Theresa and she thinks she's everyones mouth piece, they can speak for them selves And Jacqueline lets her tell her what to do and who to like, Yes they are ganging up on Theresa and it isn't right they say things to her and its okay but when she comes back at them its wrong, I wish she would get her own show , The kids need to stay out of it .Caroline needs anger and envy classes and mind her own business Theresa told her sister inlaw what he said but now shes acting like she doesn't know she is a liar I will not watch if they keep Caroline and Kathy on GO THERESA

  • Jonathan

    Anybody with half a brain watching this show knows that Teresa doesn't even have half a brain. She's psychotic. People don't just wind up hating someone as a group unless they deserve it. If you're on TEAM TERESA then I can't imagine what kind of shambles your life must be in. Her husband who screws everything he sees will be in jail next year for identity fraud. Next year she should have a spin-off. "Teresa: Convict's wife"

  • mag86

    By the way I like Caroline Manzo!!!!

  • mag86

    You're all nuts! Teresa is a shallow, no class, ignorant loser! I used to like her but now she's the one who is jealous of everyone! She makes fun of everyone's appearance just like a child would! She reminds me of the muppet Animal - the one that played the drums! Come on Tre let's keep it real! Stop trying to be someone you're not!

  • Scotty

    Caroline is an awful mother and human being. Take her off of television. She is a disgusting human being.

  • TeamTeresa

    Not sure what reality you're in, Jinsurprise, please rewind the tapes, and stick to the facts. What part of the show did you see that proved Teresa was in on the set-up?

  • Oliver Haskins
    Oliver Haskins

    I was surprised at Kathy at the reunion. She cut deeply by bringing up Tre's mother and it seemed unnecessary. Also, RHONY recast after a very dark season last year, so one tends to wonder where RHONJ will go after this reunion. Nobody seems to want to film with Tre. Caroline and Jackie don't seem to be close with wither Melissa or Kathy so it would not make sense for them to film together. So who's left a year from now? This reunion was a little too caustic for me. I don't mind when they fight but all seems a little too personal. Also, I hate the concept of stirring the pot using viewer questions. The viewers don't need to judge the housewives, they do that on their own. Finally, I loved Lauren's segment except for the suicide comment. It's petty and lacks rhetorical reasoning to say that Tre is both stupid and causing suicides. Tre is too dumb and self centered to actually plot against Melissa. Thus her only 'crime' is that she heard some gossip and did nothing to shut it down.

  • bravodiscontent

    total gang up on teresa

  • Jolene

    "Viewers of RHONJ have come to love the fiery redhead’s tough talking and no nonsense attitude when it comes to her family and friends." False. False. False. False. False. Caroline is not a fan favorite. Bitter, mean, and just plain nasty. Ginger-piggy needs to pack her bags.

  • Jinsurprise

    I was just going to say didn't YOU watch the shows that the rest of us watched, because clearly you didn't see what actually went down. You DO realize she isn't going to be your friend or anything because you feed into her craziness..... just sayin....

  • Jinsurprise

    You obviously didn't watch the show.... you are as delusional as she is.

  • Jinsurprise

    It is proof crazy attracts crazy..... the people posting in favor of Teresa.... are so obviously in another world.

  • DukeWarren

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  • TeamTeresa

    Are these girls not watching their own show? When Teresa initially told Melissa what the bald guy said, Melissa asked Teresa "why did you even come to me and tell me this when a stranger says that's not true about me?" In this video Melissa says "why didn't you call me right away?" I would have thought there would have been more public apologies to Teresa after seeing the last show.

  • Rhnj viewer
    Rhnj viewer

    Yes they r ganging up on Tre. I think they were all jealous of her successes. Especially Caroline and Lauren nasty nasty. Everything they pick on Tre for is so trivial but they blow it out of proportion....never saw such disgusting women in my life. tre managed to kep her cool.