Robert Pattinson Named 'World's Sexiest Man': 10 Male Celebrities Voted Globe's Most Gorgeous (GALLERY)

Male Celebrities Voted World's Sexiest

Looks like RPatz is back on a winning streak.

Robert Pattinson, 26, has been voted the "World's Sexiest Man" by the UK's Glamour Magazine for the fourth year running.

The Twilight hunk beat the likes of Ryan Gosling and Johnny Depp to the coveted award, proving his recent humiliating break up with Kristen Stewart has done him no harm in the hot stakes.

To honor his title Celebuzz is taking a look at other male celebrities who have walked away with "sexiest male" titles over the years.

So which celebrity is hottest?

While Pattinson has dominated Glamour's long running list People Magazine's famous "Sexiest Man Alive" award has gone to a variety of men over the years, from Ben Affleck to Brad Pitt and Hugh Jackman to Ryan Reynolds.

Check out the gallery to find out which other sexy celebrities have won over the world with their good looks.




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  • Gloria Hovis
    Gloria Hovis

    I think Robert is hot and sexy, he is a great actor as well I hope the Best for him. And I hope the Best for Kristen and Robert, I am so glad you are together at lest I hope you are I am a fan of both and I will support them both in what ever they do good luck and best wihses. your fan and friend Gloria!!!...

  • sarah

    He is beautiful - doesn't even have to try!! xxx That's when u know someone is special x

  • rachel

    Hmmm...I don't like N1,2,4 and 5...weird looking,Only Johnny Depp is the HOT ONE!! Ian Somerhalder and Chris the guy of Thor are hot too!!

  • Arkansas

    Why would that silly Kristen cheat on Robert Pattinson? She must be crazy.

  • tia maria
    tia maria

    seriously people need to get over the whole rupert and kristen thing,she screwed up,something we all do in are early 20s.although would not say rob is the sexiest man, don't get me wrong love rob but there are people on that list who are way hotter than him

  • Lorie

    he is the sexiest man! and for real kristen voted for him

  • ap

    not according to his cheating girlfriend,Kristen Stewart.Rupert is the sexiest man alive to her.she didnt even care that he has a wife and children

  • estella

    Congrats Rob!!!! He's gorgeous.