Scott ‘Big Cat’ Pfaff Visits MTV’s ‘Ridiculousness’ for a Wild Ride (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

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There’s a familiar face on Monday’s episode of MTV’s Ridiculousness. Rob Dyrdek’s cousin, Scott “Big Cat” Pfaff is taking a seat on the couch for this episode, which shows some insane and obviously ridiculous stunts.

You may recognize Big Cat from Dyrdrek’s previous MTV hit show, Fantasy Factory. On that show, Dyrdek set up his cousin Pfaff to ride a wild rhino. While he says his cousin almost died doing so, it gave him a serious case of FOMO. That would be – “fear of missing out.”

How did Pfaff feel while on the Rhino?

“I just tried to go blank and wait till the end,” he says.

Dedicating this portion of the episode to his fearless cousin, you can see a few crazy and wild rides. While we see clips of couch surfers, tractor rides and slides, the wildest and most ridiculous ride is from Coachella.

A girl decided to take the plunge on the slip and slide … completely naked. Pfaff and Dyrdek’s other couch guests were dying of laughter watching her even pausing the video half way through.

“When you’re at Coachella partying on the slip and slide, the last thing you ever expect to do is to be fully naked and ******* hit your face,” laughed Dyrdek.

Watch the clip above. Ridiculousness airs Mondays at 10 PM on MTV.

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