Snooki, Kristin Cavallari Slim Down After Giving Birth: 21 Hollywood Moms With Fit Post-Baby Bodies (PHOTOS)

body after baby!

Whoa, mama!

Reality TV starlets Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi and Kristin Cavallari recently debuted their post-baby bodies after giving birth to their sons in August and -- dare we say -- both Hollywood moms are looking better than ever.

What's their secret to losing their pregnancy weight?

Surprisingly enough, both Snooki, 24, and Cavallari, 25, are taking it easy as part of their post-baby workout plan.

Snooki writes on her Twitter that she has yet to hit the G in GTL, telling fans that her recent weight loss is all thanks to breastfeeding her newborn, Lorenzo.

“I’ve lost a lot of my baby weight [that way]," Snooki enthused.

“Also it’s the best for [Lorenzo],” the pint-sized Guidette added.

As for Cavallari? The former Hills star is exercising, though she admits she's cutting down on her workout plan in order to spend more time with baby Camden.

“I’m taking it slow, but it feels good to get moving,” she tells Celebuzz of her post-baby routine.

Who else has managed to shed the baby weight after giving birth? Launch the gallery to find out.




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  • Bee

    It's nice to know that although she is very skinny, she gained weight to keep her baby healthy!

  • donna107

    beautiful face great body

  • Berni

    Jennifer gives the real deal on pregnancy and how women in the real world live, thanks Jen!

  • Berni

    normal, thanks!

  • me

    Everyones body is different, Good for them that their body bounced back so quickly after pregnancy, but to call jessica simpson a "fat slob" for being overweight is not only disrespecting every woman that has not been so lucky post baby weight but women that dont fit into societies RIDICULOUS standards. Just because you are overweight, that does not make you a "slob" You dont know what people are going through so you are you to judge? Besides have you SEEN Jessica Simpson lately? Shes looking pretty amazing! God help you if you ever get pregnant and expect to look like Kristin Cavallari after.

  • castaneda

    That was really fast! She's so thin.

  • Anonymous

    Look at how fit and skinny Kristin Cavallari is compared to the fat slob Jessica Simpson.