‘Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars’ Mark Ballas on Bristol Palin’s Transformation: She ‘Looks Amazing’ (EXCLUSIVE)

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The Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars cast is off to a drama-free start that’s already setting a high bar for the contestants.

Bristol Palin, 21, has been stealing the show with her dramatic weight loss transformation and new-and-improved dancing technique.

Her dance partner, Mark Ballas, 26, tells Celebuzz exclusively about their rehearsals, Palin getting into shape, and who their biggest competition is this season.

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Celebuzz: What are you and Bristol doing differently to prepare this season?

Mark Ballas: Nothing, we just picked up right where we left off and so far, it’s working great!

CB: What’s your guys’ strongest dance in your opinion?

MB: It’s hard to say since we’ve only had the one thus far, but I would say she was awesome in the Cha Cha.

CB: Who do you consider your biggest competition on this season?

MB: Really, ourselves. We are trying to keep focus on what we are doing and getting better each and every week. There is so much talent this season that our game plan is to make sure we are the best we can be each week and hopefully that will translate on the dance floor.

CB: What makes Palin a great partner?

MB: She is tenacious , focused, coordinated – but also a little bit timid. It’s my job to help her break out of that shell more and more.

CB: Bristol looks amazing – what do you think about her new look?

MB: She does look amazing! I am really proud of the shape she came in this season and what’s even more amazing is her confidence.

CB: Do you change anything about your diet or workouts when you’re filming and preparing?

MB: I definitely become more strict with my diet. I try to cut out all bread; no pizza or sodas either. I eat lots of protein, vegetables and fruit as well as keep track of my calorie count every day.

CB: Do you ever make changes to the dance at the last minute?

MB: Yes, all the time. If my partner’s having trouble with something and we’re at camera rehearsal, I’ll change it or tweak it. She has to be 100% comfortable with it.

CB: After last week’s cha-cha, what other dances can we expect this season?

MB: All the typical ones you see each season. This week we have the Quick Step. Our dances are revealed to us each week, so we don’t know what we’re going to get.

CB: What comes more naturally for you: dancing or singing?

MB: Actually both – I spend equal amounts of time on each. And, before you ask me which is my favorite, I’ll tell you that I can’t choose. I just love performing and entertaining.

CB: Critics are saying that Palin was most-improved this week, what do you think?

MB: I agree 100%. I think she’s shown a lot of change, a lot improvement and self confidence building her own feel for herself dancing. I’m really proud of her.


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