‘Frankenweenie’ Star Winona Ryder on Her First Tim Burton Encounter and a ‘Beetlejuice’ Follow-Up

Ryder's Timeless Look
The actress gets more beautiful with age.
'Frankenweenie' Review
Tim Burton charms with classic horror conventions.
While Pee Wee’s Big Adventure was Tim Burton’s first feature, it was his followup, Beetlejuice that gave the world its first look at the eccentric director’s quirky aesthetic.

And now there’s talk of a sequel being written, but nothing definitive from Burton as to whether or not he will direct.

“I love the character but if it’s a good script, then it’s great,” he commented. “But there’s no point for me really thinking about it until we see it.”

Who else wants to see the undead creature resuscitated again?

Burton’s not the only one hoping for a good script. For Winona Ryder, Beetlejuice was her big break. Recently she recalled auditioning for the movie back in 1987.

While she awaited her turn to meet the director, a stranger sat down next to her and soon she found herself in a conversation with the odd-looking man about movies and her favorite bands.

When he finally asked her what she was doing there, she said she was auditioning for a movie called Beetlejuice.

The man then stood up and introduced himself as Tim Burton. After that, the part was hers.

“With Tim, he’s maybe one of my favorite people, most special people,” Ryder told Celebuzz. “On a professional level, he did sort of give me a career, cause I don’t honestly know what other roles I would have.”

In his latest movie, Frankenweenie, Ryder’s character is Elsa Van Helsing, the strange little girl next door to Victor, an eccentric kid who brings his pet dog back to life after an accident.

The black and white stop-motion movie is actually a remake of Burton’s 1984 live-action short of the same name.

“I love working with her and haven’t worked with her in many years,” he said of Ryder. “Because it was a project that means a lot to me, it was nice to have somebody like her, who I love.”

For Ryder, the admiration is mutual. In addition to Beetlejuice, she reunited with Burton on Edward Scissorhands; she worked with Johnny Depp, whom she eventually became engaged to. The relationship ended after three years.

“With Tim, it’s just a complete trust, and to be asked to do something that is so personal to him is incredibly humbling,” smiled Ryder. “It’s such a special movie for me and for, I think, everyone involved. I feel like it’s beaming off of my face!”

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