‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 9 Trailer Teases the Rescue, a Rough Journey for Arizona and a Proposal? (VIDEO)

Shonda on 'Grey's' Deaths
The show creator explains her decisions on the S9 premiere.
Get your tissues ready Grey’s Anatomy fans.

If you thought last week’s Season 9 premiere of the ABC drama was emotional with the death of fan favorite Mark Sloan (Eric Dane), you’ve seen nothing yet. The network has just released a supersized trailer for Season 9 and this Thursday’s return to the crash site is going to be tragic.

Not only that but the trailer features plenty of juicy scenes from upcoming episodes and luckily some of them had us smiling. With our favorite hospital staff’s “biggest challenge to live like there’s no tomorrow” there will be tons of drama ahead.

Here’s six things we learned from the trailer. Note: Spoilers ahead and in the video.

1. While those that saw the commercial for this week after the epic premiere know this, not all fans may be aware that Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) apparently made Callie (Sara Ramirez) promise they wouldn’t take her leg. Obviously, she couldn’t keep this promise and the repercussions for their relationship will be felt throughout the season.

From the looks of these scenes, it was a must-do surgery in an attempt to save her life, so she can’t be mad for too long. Later in the trailer we see Callie shaking Arizona in the shower in an attempt to will her back to her life.

2. Happy News! April (Sarah Drew) is back after Owen (Kevin McKidd) asked her to return to Seattle Grace. AND sometime after her return, Avery (Jesse Williams) asks April (Sarah Drew), “Do you want to get married?” Um WHAT? This news is exciting and crazy!

3. Derek’s (Patrick Dempsey) recovery won’t be easy as we saw him unable to perform surgery last week when his hand went numb. Presumably, to help him get over this tragic experience he’ll visit the wreckage of the plane crash which is being tagged in a warehouse.

4. Before Cristina (Sandra Oh) ran away to the Mayo clinic, she was unresponsive to her BFF Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) while recovering. Lying in her hospital bed, understandably angry over the tragic event, she chucks a vase at the window where the interns are watching her.

5. Meredith and Derek will celebrate their second chance at life by having sex… and lots of it.

6. Dr. Weber (James Pickes, Jr.) may not be the chief any longer but he still gives the best advice. He tells Bailey (Chandra Wilson), “Do something and don’t look back.”

Grey’s Anatomy airs Thursdays at 9 PM on ABC.

Which of these spoilers are you most excited for this season on Grey’s? Sound off in the comments below!

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