‘Hart of Dixie’ Premiere: Who Will Win Zoe’s Heart and 5 More Things From the Season 2 Premiere (VIDEO & PHOTOS)

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'Hart of Dixie's' George gets a new love interest in Bluebell.
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Welcome back to Bluebell, Hart of Dixie Fans.

When The CW show starring Rachel Bilson as the fashionable Dr. Zoe Hart returns Tuesday, the doc will be faced with the ultimate choice between two crazy beautiful and charming men.

To refresh your memory, last season’s finale saw Zoe and Wade (Wilson Bethel) finally acting on their sexual tension in an insanely how way.  Meanwhile George Tucker (Scott Porter) called off his wedding to his long-time love, Lemon Breeland (Jaime King), in order to follow his heart to Zoe’s.

Yeah, Dr. Hart has got game.

Celebuzz attended a screening of the premiere at The CW offices in Burbank, Calif. on Monday and we can tell you that you definitely won’t want to miss it. The hilarious episode picks up right where Season 1 left off with Zoe torn between her two beaus. And while we can’t tell you whether she makes a choice or not, we will tell you there is some resolution by episode’s end.

Want to know more about the Season 2 Premiere? Read on for five more teases from “I Fall to Pieces.” Note: Mild spoilers ahead. 

Wade is shirtless … Twice. Thank you writers for knowing your audience as our favorite bartender is sans shirt, not once but twice in the premiere. You can expect Wade to be his typical self throughout the episode teasingly giving Zoe a less than perfect score for their night together. Zoe, however, tells Lavon (Cress Williams) that her night with Wade got her to “finally understand what R. Kelly has been singing about.” If it’s possible to love Wade more after the premiere, we definitely do.

Zoe-gate. The whole town will have their two cents in the “scandal” that ended the wedding of George and Lemon. Dash Dewitt (Reginald VelJohnson) even tells Lavon that his friendship with home wrecker Zoe may affect his chances for re-election for mayor. In fact, many residents of Bluebell may call Zoe a home wrecker once or twice or ten times throughout the episode.

Zoe gets a girl friend. Finally, Zoe has someone other than Lavon and the loveable but teenage Rose (McKaley Miller) to go to for advice. Cosmetics titan Ruby Jeffries (Golden Brooks) is back in town to help take care of her grandfather. The sassy chick fresh from Atlanta quickly becomes a go to for Zoe as she mulls over her options. We also learn that Ruby has some interesting and complicated connections with a few of our other favorite Bluebell residents from way back in high school.

Brick (Tim Matheson) gets in on the action. In much of the premiere, we see Brick trying to take care of his little girl Lemon after last season’s devastating end. However, Brick also takes some time for himself and has dinner with a wedding guest from George’s side of the family.

Lemon’s getting a job. Yes, you read that right. With her marriage to George over before it began, Lemon is attempting to grow by striking out on her own and getting a job. She’s sick of daddy always taking care of her and feels like her life is a mess. (I mean it kind of is.) All Lemon’s life she’s been a junior league president and George’s girlfriend so who is she without him? She’s looking to find out. The southern belle will take the first step into her independence during the premiere. Though, she’ll meet many roadblocks in the process.

Lemon confronts Zoe. But it’s not in the way you think. We can’t talk much about the situation but let’s just say it’s hilarious and has all of Bluebell talking. It also gets all three of our favorite men – George, Wade and Lavon – together.

Hart of Dixie premieres Tuesday at 8 PM on the CW.

Who do you think Zoe will choose? Are you Team Wade or Team George? Sound off in the comments below!
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