Los Angeles Lakers’ Recruit Dwight Howard Says He’s Excited to Play Before Hollywood Celebrities (VIDEO)

Celebs Love the Lakers
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January Jones cheers on the Lakers.
Everyone in Los Angeles, Calif. is hyped about the Lakers’ new recruit, point guard Dwight Howard.

But what gets the 6’11” athlete amped to be in L.A.?

“The celebrities at the games. Just the fans in general. I’ve been playing here, playing against the Lakers for 8 years now and every time I come it’s just like bananas when we play the Lakers,” Howard gushed to Celebuzz at the Time Warner Cable Sports Launch.

“And now I’m actually here full-time, so I get that experience every night!”

What celebs can frequently be seen in the stands?

According to the NBA star, “it’s crazy” to see the man he calls “The Joker,” Jack Nicholson, who is always at the games, among multiple rappers and singers — but what really strikes Howard’s fancy is spotting the celebs who are rare to the Lakers scene.

“Some people I would never know [were there] until — I’m like hold up, ‘Zoe [Saldana] is at the game?'”

Howard definitely thought she was a sight for sore eyes, saying “oooooh” at the mention of her looks — obviously it’s not too shabby seeing stunning stars in the stands when you’re in game mode.

And Howard may have more in common with the Hollywood talent than you know.

Watch our video above to find out what they share in common, and watch the video below to find out more on Jack Nicholson’s “Laker effect.”