'Married to Jonas' Sneak Peek: Kevin and Danielle Plot a Big Announcement (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

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Kevin Jonas and his lovely wife Danielle have opened their life up for all of us to see on the first season of E!’s Married to Jonas.

But, the young couple has something else up their sleeve and Celebuzz has an exclusive sneak peek.

From family members pressuring them about having a baby, heated spats and more than a few misadventures in party planning, we’ve watched Kevin and Danielle experience some very loving situations and some very uncomfortable ones. On the next episode, the pair has apparently found a way to combine the two.

What's Kevin and Danielle cooking up?

Honestly, we have no clue. But, clearly Kevin is giddy with excitement over telling his in-laws whatever it is while they’re uncharacteristically “roughing it” on a camping trip. Danielle, on the other hand, is searching for the right moment to drop the bomb.

Watch Celebuzz’s exclusive clip above. What do you think the big news is? Could there be a little Jonas on the way?

Tune in to Married to Jonas on Sunday at 10 PM on E! to find out.

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  • Marvalous Peterson
    Marvalous Peterson

    Awesome Video Happily Married Couple..

  • Connie

    Are you kidding? Have you ever seen when he doesn't do exactly what she wants? She has a fit like a child. As long as he is doing for her, then she is nice. She can't even house break her dogs. She lets them pee all over their bedroom.

  • Ludavica

    What a mean thing to say about her Janine, she is a beautiful & sweet young lady. She is not a brash and vulgar or imperious young girl that you are used to see on mainstream television. I find her and her family quite refreshing.

  • Janine Wheeler
    Janine Wheeler

    These two are soo damn boring! She's very pretty but seems quite whiney at times. She appears to have the IQ of a houseplant.

  • Teresa Shedd Cangiano
    Teresa Shedd Cangiano

    I think Dani is sooo Beautiful!I don't know her in person.But,I can tell she is for real and sweet:)

  • MJ

    I love dani and think she is beautiful....I love the show!!!

  • Emily

    I'm pretty sure the announcement has nothing to do w/ a baby. That's only what they want to make you think. They're taking the family on a trip to Italy, that's most likely what the announcement is.