‘Pitch Perfect’ Star Anna Kendrick Responds to Claims That New Film Mocks ‘Twilight’ (VIDEO)

Does Pitch Perfect have a Twilight connection?

After a blog made the very large stretch that the new a capella film was essentially mocking the successful vampire franchise, a few fans believed it might be true.

When we sat down with stars Anna Kendrick and Brittany Snow to discuss Pitch Perfect, we got their take on the claim:

“We weren’t even the Barden Bella’s until a week before shooting,” Kenrick, 27, responded surprised.

“I wish [it was a Twilight spinoff],” Snow, 26, laughed. “I wish we were that ahead and deep.”

“Actually it is commentary,” Kendrick joked. “Jesse [Skylar Astin] is Edward, Adam DeVine is the Volturi.”

“Who am I?” Snow asked, turning to Kendrick.

“You’re Alice! Your totes Alice,” Kendrick told her.

Director Jason Moore also went on the record saying there isn’t a vampire connection:

That’s a great question — I didn’t realize that — but we were not doing a Twilight commentary.

Catch more from Kendrick and Snow in the video above, and you can watch Moore’s full interview down below: