‘Pitch Perfect’ Star Rebel Wilson Sings Lady Gaga’s ‘Edge of Glory’ With Bryan Cranston on ‘Tonight Show’ (VIDEO)

How did Rebel Wilson snag the role of Fat Amy in Pitch Perfect? With a little help from Lady Gaga, of course!

The Australian actress put on quite the show for Tonight Show host Jay Leno and Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston Monday night. When asked if she had to sing during her Pitch Perfect audition, Wilson gave Leno a taste of the LOL-worthy rendition of Lady Gaga’s “Edge of Glory” that landed her the coveted role.

“A lot of people sing from their chest voice,” she explained, “And I sing from my breast voice. It’s a new thing that I do.”

Watch as Cranston — who also provided necessary backing vocals — hides his face from Wilson’s flying shoes in the clip above. 

Despite her dress being a little too tight for her fierce finish, Wilson’s cover of “Edge of Glory” is nothing short of aca-mazing — as the movie’s Barton Bellas would say.

Recently, the 26-year-old comedic actress joined Jenny Craig and has already lost more than 33 pounds. In a series of promo videos, the funny lady  jokingly calls herself a former “fugly duckling” who has now dropped enough weight to be “really excellent” at the limbo or to chase after Channing Tatum.

“Some of my dreams have been going really well on the career side, filming movies and TV shows, but the only thing that I feel has been holding me back is my size and how much I weigh,” Wilson said in one of her Jenny Craig video blogs. “No one dreams of being a fat person.”

Pitch Perfect, currently in limited release, opens nationwide on Oct. 5.