‘The Voice’ Contestants Spill on Blind Auditions, Upcoming Battle Rounds

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The blind auditions of The Voice may be over but that doesn’t mean its contestants are done just yet.

To recap what we’ve seen so far, and remind you which contestants chose which coaches, NBC is airing a recap special including all the best moments and auditions from the last three weeks this Tuesday.

Celebuzz got a chance to speak with the final 8 contenders in a press call who were lucky enough to make it through to the battle rounds, which will occur next Monday night.

What did Cody Belew have to say about his profanity-laced message for coach Cee Lo Green? How does backup singer Chevonne feel about moving out from Lady Gaga’s shadow?

Read on for these and more answers to your burning questions!

Cody Belew on swearing on national TV:

“I can tell you that back home in Arkansas there is a small group of people who aren’t happy with my foul language. I will say it was a complete honest response to the moment. It was like winning the lottery,” said Belew.

“I thought I was going home. It wasn’t until Adam said ‘Did that count?’ that I started to piece it together,” he continued. “I can’t take back the way I reacted. I normally wouldn’t have spoken that way but I’m really not going to apologize for it because that’s how I reacted. That’s what made it such a moment I guess.”

Chevonne on striking out on her own:

The singer told us, “I think as a background singer my voice has primarily been just this instrument. As a performer in that show that’s the one thing I was focusing on. On The Voice, I am coming out as me; It’s what part of my soul comes through my vocal.”

Chevonne went on to say, “While it was the most rewarding experience to go on the road and see the world and speak through Gaga’s vision and Gaga’s story. Now I get the opportunity to do my own story and show the colors of my artistry. So that’s very exciting. The Voice is a space where the possibilities are endless.

How does 46-year-old Rudy Parris feel about competing against singers who are far younger than him on the show?

Parris responded, “I don’t think age has anything to do with artistry. I think a good artist is a good artist at any age. I don’t really feel that that has anything to do with the situation. There are some very talented people at 15-years-old here that are amazing.”

How are they all  feeling about the upcoming battle rounds?

Most of the contestants remained quiet when asked about the battle rounds, but the outspoken Chevonne was up for responding and said that the addition of the mentors and competing against her friends makes the battles a big change for her.

“For me personally, Cee Lo and Rob Thomas are huge influences in how I write and how I sing and so you’ve got that sort of new element of two people you’re trying to impress, two people that you want to listen to and respect and learn from,” she said.

“Then you’re also competing against your friend because when we join the team we all get very close, very fast. We work hard together. We talk to each other about what we’re going through. We cry. We laugh. We’re putting our outfits together at the same time. It’s just this bonding experience that nobody else understands,” she continued. “Then to go up against one of your friends that you love and whose voice you respect and admire, it’s quite terrifying. You have to sort of make a promise to yourself that you will honor them and their voice but also do your best to stay on the show. It makes you feel so torn in so many ways but I have to say it’s a joyous experience all around.”

The blind auditions recap of The Voice airs Tuesday at 8 PM ET/PT. The battle rounds begin next Monday at the same time.

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