‘X Factor’ Star Simon Cowell Commissions Ex-Fiancee To Decorate His Beverly Hills Mansions (EXCLUSIVE)

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Whoever said you can’t be friends with your ex wasn’t referring to Simon Cowell.

The X Factor judge ended his engagement to Mezhgan Hussainy earlier this year, but he’s asked the gorgeous makeup artist to act as interior designer for his three Beverly Hills homes.

What’s the inside scoop on Cowell and his former flame?

“They’re closer than ever,” a source close to the couple tells Celebuzz. “He respects her advice.”

And she has plenty of tips for the acerbic Brit — especially on how to decorate his mansions in the posh 90210 zip code. He purchased the third last October, with each being just a few miles of each other.

“He bought the house so when his friends and family visit Los Angeles, they have a place to stay,” the source said of 59-year-old Cowell. “They’re getting ready to start all the work.”

The four-bedroom contemporary home has a rich Hollywood history: previous owners include Pillow Talk producer Ross Hunter, Singin’ in the Rain set decorator Jacques Mapes and AEG Live CEO Randy Phillips. Designed by famed architect Hal Levitt and nestled near the mountains of Beverly Hills, the estate cost Cowell a cool $15.5 million – but that’s nothing compared to the cash he spent on his other digs.

One of the other mansions came with a price tag of $25 million; Hussainy completed remodeling that pad in April.

And she’s not just decorating the lap of luxury: she’s living in it, too: Cowell reportedly gifted Hussainy with an $8 million home after they parted ways. The two had spent three years together.

“They have a complicated relationship but remain very close,” said our source. “He trusts her completely.”