‘American Horror Story: Asylum’ New Trailer: Welcome to Briarcliff (VIDEO)

Welcome to Briarcliff, the most terrifying mental institution on television.

Between the hydrobath, the hellevator and Bloody Face, American Horror Story’s second season — appropriately called “Asylum” —  is shaping up to be FX’s most gruesome thriller. Now, we finally have a glimpse at Briarcliff’s latest victims in action.

On this all-new Season 2 trailer, Kit (Evan Peters) is shown strapped to a hospital bed against his will, while Sister Jude (Jessica Lange) forces him to repent his sins.

What can viewers expect from Season 2? 

Last season, Peters played a psychotic teen who terrorized his enemies. But this season, co-creator Ryan Murphy has described Peter’s character Kit as “the hero of the show.” Kit, an inmate and extra-terrestrial believer, will unfortunately be subjected to Sister Jude’s unorthodox punishments.

Viewers can also expect to encounter aliens, Nazis and a serial killer named Bloody Face — who just so happens to wear the skin of victims on his face.

Meanwhile, singer — and NBC’s The Voice mentor — Adam Levine will make his AHS debut as Leo, one-half of “the lovers,” whie Sarah Paulson’s stars as investigative journalist Luna, who starts delving into Briarcliff’s deepest and darkest secrets.

Zachary Quinto returns as Dr. Thredson, whose progressive ways clash with Sister Jude’s harsh philosophy and treatments. As for James Cromwell, he’ll take on the roll of Nazi Dr. Arden, who uses the patients as his own test subjects, subjecting them to cruel and inhumane procedures.

Chloe Sevigny will also star as a woman whose husband sends her away to the asylum, because she is a nymphomaniac. However, judging from this Season 2 trailer, there won’t be a shortage of sexual experiences in the asylum anytime soon.

American Horror Story Season 2 premieres Wednesday, Oct. 17 at 10 PM on FX.

Watch the new trailer above.