David Beckham Caught in Briefs by Beverly Hills Tourists (PHOTOS)

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They see London, they see France, they see David Beckham’s underpants!

A busload of tourists were treated to quite a sight when a briefs-clad Beckham popped out of the woods in Beverly Hills on Tuesday. Journeying through the L.A. neighborhood’s star-studded streets, the group spotted the soccer superstar — baring his toned and tatted bod in nothing but his khaki-colored knickers — as he shot a new advertisement for his H&M underwear line.

What did Beckham do as the onlookers gawked at his goods?

Like the professional underwear model he is, the L.A. Galaxy star kept his composure, seemingly stifling a giggle as he gave the tourists a big red-faced grin. After doing his best to cover his, uh, crown jewels, Beckham — whose H&M line launched in February — scurried back into the woods to continue his photo shoot.

And it’s no surprise the Brit was donning snug skivvies. On Monday, Beckham gave Celebuzz his answer to the age-old question: Boxers or briefs? “I mean, I like tighty-whities” the 37-year-old said with a smile. “Someone asked me about tighty whities the other day, and I love them! They’re comfortable. I think they feel great, especially when you’re playing soccer, as well. It’s [comfortable]. But I wear boxers as well.”

Which drawers does wife Victoria Beckham prefer? “I can’t tell you that,” he quipped. “No, she likes whatever I wear, of course!”

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