Donnie Wahlberg Dishes New Kids on the Block’s Dirty Secrets: Who Lost Their Virginity on Tour? (VIDEO)

NKOTB sans shirts
Donnie Wahlberg tweets a shirtless pic of the boy band.
Donnie Wahlberg was spilling the secrets on his New Kids on The Block bandmates and his brother Mark Wahlberg on Tuesday’s Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.

The NKOTB member and Blue Bloods actor took part in a “Spill the Tea” portion of the show where Cohen asks him all the things he wants to know about his early days.

Not only was he quick to point out that his brother Mark and his band Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch went on tour with NKOTB and not the other way around, but he also told us who has better game between the brothers.

“I had different game. I’d say I had better game. I had mature game. Mark had young cocky game,” he said.

What did Wahlberg have to say about his the other band members?

The actor also spilled that he and Joe McIntyre got along the least during their boy band days, although the pair are good friends now. McIntyre, apparently, also lost his virginity on tour. Jonathan Knight, Jordan Knight, and Danny Wood were also members of the Boston-based boy band.

Asked whether they knew that Knight was gay during that time, he revealed, “We were suspicious when we walked into a hotel room and saw him with a guy.”

He continued, “But, look, he was dating Tiffany too, so who knew?”

Wahlberg also dishes on which guy hooked up the most, was the biggest diva and had the worst hygiene in addition to what song they got tired of performing.

Get all the info and watch Wahlberg’s entire interview below.

Watch What Happens Live airs on Bravo Tuesday-Sunday at 11 PM.

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