‘House at the End of the Street’ Star Max Thieriot on Scaring Jennifer Lawrence, Stripping Online (VIDEO)

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Max Thieriot launched a low-key career with his big-screen debut, a starring role in Catch That Kid, back in 2004. Since then he’s gone on to make indie hits like Chloe and bigger titles like the teleportation epic Jumper.

Lately, you can catch him kissing Jennifer Lawrence in the new thriller House at the End of the Street, where he plays the sole survivor of a family done in by murder and madness.

Celebuzz caught up with Thieriot to ask him about getting intimate on screen with Lawrence, who plays a neighborhood girl who befriends him.

What was Thieriot’s first kiss with Lawrence like?

“The first kiss is a little bit awkward,” he confessed. “But we were really good friends, so at that point it becomes like it’s not that big of a deal.”

Thieriot also talked about his upcoming Internet exposé, Disconnect, in which he plays a webcam stripper who falls in love with a reporter played by Andrea Riseborough.

“To play someone who’s stripping online, for me I had to be willing to go all out,” Thieriot confided. “There were scenes where I was fully nude and then they would pixilate me and I think they ended up using not a lot of that stuff cause they wanted to bring down the rating.”

Check out House at the End of the Street, in theaters now.

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