Jack Black on Seth MacFarlane as Oscar Host: ‘I Should Be Against Him’ (VIDEO)

Seth's Oscar Gig: Questions
Everything you want to know about MacFarlane's hiring as MC.
Seth MacFarlane? Really?
The media react to his hiring as Oscar host.
Amid the showers of praise on the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for the unorthodox choice of Seth MacFarlane to host next February’s Oscars, there have been a few voices of dissent. One of those belongs to fellow funnyman Jack Black. A possible Oscar contender himself for his rare dramatic performance earlier this year in Bernie, Black had some harsh words for the animator, who dissed him once on one of his FOX Sunday night cartoons.

Hours after Monday’s announcement from the Academy, New York magazine’s Vulture blog caught up to Black at a cocktail party. Asked what he thought of MacFarlane landing the MC job, Black at first offered faint praise. “I saw him on Saturday Night Live. I thought he was serviceable,” Black said. “It might get tiring if he keeps on doing the voices from Family Guy. He might give that a rest. But I think he has legit comedy chops.”

But then he spoke of his ongoing grudge against the cartoon guru. “I should be against him,” Black said. “I should say he is going to f–k it up, because he made fun of me one time on his show and it made me really mad.”

Where does Black’s grudge against MacFarlane come from?

Asked which of MacFarlane’s three shows insulted him, the School of Rock star replied, “I don’t remember exactly, but it was basically pigeonholing who I am as saying that I am just a guy that relies on being really loud.”

The Tenacious D rocker showed he can do soft, too, in Bernie, where he played the title character, a real-life devious mortician in a small Texas town. It’s a role that has a good shot at earning Black an Oscar nomination, not just because he’s good in it, but also because distributor Millennium Entertainment was smart enough to send screener copies to awards voters before any other eligible movie. In fact, the cocktail party was also an early attempt to promote Bernie even as newer Oscar contenders arrive in theaters.

Asked if the attention he’s getting for Bernie proves the Ted writer/director wrong about him, Black retorted, “Yeah, f–k him. I still haven’t seen the fuzzy-bear movie. Have you?”

At press time, MacFarlane’s camp had yet to respond to Celebuzz’s request for comment regarding Black’s remarks.

Meanwhile, MacFarlane himself spent part of the day after the announcement of his new gig attending TheGrill, an industry conference in Los Angeles sponsored by The Wrap. Once again, he reassured industry insiders that he would keep the show classy, the way Bob Hope used to, and that he wouldn’t turn the prestigious awards show into an episode of Family Guy.

Nonetheless, he was asked to turn his own appearance at that forum into a brief Family Guy moment, as captured in the video at the top of this article. Asked for Stewie Griffin’s assessment of the current state of the 2012 presidential race, he replied, in the voice of the homicidal, British-accented toddler, “I think, at this point, you know, Obama can walk out onto a stage with his penis out; he’s still going to win.”

You stay classy, Seth.

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