Lance Bass on Possible ‘NSYNC Reunion: ‘If They Pay Us Enough’ (VIDEO)

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The Backstreet Boys may be back — alright — but what about their former boy band rivals, *NSYNC? According to *NSYNC crooner Lance Bass, don’t hold your breath.
“Who knows, if they pay us enough,” Bass joked to Celebuzz at Saturday’s Environment Media Awards. “I don’t know. I doubt we’ll do anything *NSYNC-related anytime soon.”
Just because the boys won’t be rocking in Old Navy advertisements any time soon, doesn’t mean that the former bandmates haven’t remained friends over the last decade.
How are the guys getting along now?
“We’re all brothers,” Bass said. “You can’t choose your family. Right now, we’re definitely family.”
However, the boys will be reuniting for a different event: Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel’s upcoming nuptials.
Although the former boy bander “can’t say a thing about the wedding” or he’ll “get in trouble,” Bass dished to Celebuzz that he’s already picked out the perfect wedding gift for the soon-to-be-married couple.
Meanwhile, Bass is currently working on a new project, which will be documented on a Lifetime show. “I have a new website coming up next month called, where celebrities and their fans get to throw yard sales for their charities,” he said. “So we’ll get to raise a lot of money for charity out there.”
According to Bass, the virtual yard sales will include “actual stuff” from the celebrities’ homes. “It’s dangerous to have celebrities really throw yard sales at their homes, but now we get to do it all virtually,” he explained. “And fans get to throw them alongside them and help raise money for that celebrity’s charity.”
The former singer is gearing up to document his own virtual yard sale for the Lifetime series. “We start filming mine in about two weeks,” he said. But what is Bass looking to sell?
“Right now I’m looking at a cool painting, some really cool space stuff that I used when I was over in Russia training for the cosmonaut stuff. Some really cool, one-of-a-kind, unique things.”