‘X Factor’ Boot Camp Recap: We Have a Whitney Houston Sing-Off!

'X Factor's' L.A. Reid
Previews boot camp, fave Britney Spears moment.
FOX’s The X Factor is no stranger to bloodbaths. Just ask Paula Abdul, Nicole Scherzinger and Steve Jones. Wednesday’s boot camp had about 120 contestants seriously feeling the pressure as Simon warned that about half of them would be gone by the end of Day 1.

It’s not exactly clear if that number ended up being true, but definitely at least a third of the contenders were eliminated. I can only hope that meant they could stay in their fancy Miami hotel for the rest of the stay and get pampered a bit for what they had just been put through.

The stakes of having one chance to sing a song in front of your peers and the superstar judges panel had many contestants making some pretty horrible mistakes and belting some very off notes.

Who came out on top and who got dropped?

Let’s hear it for the girls… and boys. There were some very strong performances from the youngest of the crowd. One contestant shook his head after a series of young people ruled the stage, muttering, “They’re like star children.” Thirteen-year-old Diamond White opened the episode with a very strong performance of Whitney Houston’s “I Have Nothing.” How did she pull that off that song without feeling too young for it? Diamond is magic.

We can be our own worst competition. Several performers suffered from not living up to the audition that got them to boot camp. Take San Antonio’s Jessica Espinoza, for example. She won over the judges with her rendition of Pink’s “Nobody Knows.” Judge Demi Lovato remembered her right off. But, Jessica was met with some mixed reviews after singing the Whitney Houston/ Mariah Carey song, “When You Believe.” And Demi realized she didn’t live up to her memories of her during auditions.

The same would go for Willie Jones who surprised everyone when he came out looking like “Fresh Price of Bel Air – as Demi put it – and sang Josh Turner’s country hit, “Your Man.” On Wednesday’s episode, he sang Kenny Chesney’s “She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy.” And this time, Britney wasn’t so fond of his tractor.

Pray you don’t have a head-to-head. Paige Thomas returned and found herself going mano a mano with – and this isn’t a coincidence at all, someone who has been called a mean girl – Cece Frey told Celebuzz that she isn’t one. But, her off-putting bravado continues on in boot camp. Simon said one of them nailed their rendition of Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You.” Both sang pretty fantastic versions of the song. Paige’s was a bit more unique in its delivery while CeCe’s seemed closer to the original.

The show ended with the contenders split into three groups. Group A, which included Diamond, Paige and Gene Simmons’ daughter, Sophie Tweed Simmons, are moving on to Day 2. Similarly, Group C with Willie and bullied singer Jillian Jensen will move on.

But, those in Group B, which included Jessica, rapper Rizzloe Jones and dancing youngster, Trevor Moran found out they have a lot more free time.

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