‘X Factor’s’ L.A. Reid Previews Boot Camp, Reveals Favorite ‘Magical’ Britney Spears Moment So Far

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Auditions are over on FOX’s The X Factor and this week finds its 120 or so contenders arriving for boot camp in Miami. But, don’t le the lush locale fool you. Boot camp doesn’t sound like a vacation.

“I love the idea of going into boot camp and really turning it up for these contestants and making it even tougher for them. Because on the first audition, God knows how long they’ve rehearsed for their first audition,” judge and Epic Records executive L.A. Reid tells reporters of the competition’s next phase on a recent press call.

So, just how tough is boot camp? And does Reid think new judges Britney Spears and Demi Lovato would’ve been up to the challenge?

“I think that both Britney and Demi would have been able to handle it,” Reid, 56, says confidently. “These girls are really talented and they were trained to work hard. They didn’t become a success, because they were slackers. Both of them worked really, really hard coming up the ranks.”

“Obviously Demi is younger and still has a lot of work to do,” he continued. “Britney Spears is so accomplished. But in getting to that place, I think she toured the world so many times and went to so many rehearsals and they put in the work. I think that the kids that we have in boot camp, we’re putting them through drills that are a fraction of the drills that Britney Spears has gone through. I’m saying that knowing that boot camp is tough and we’re putting these guys through rigorous, rigorous tasks to really see if they’re qualified to go through to the next round.”

There have been many changes on the FOX competition show since it first debuted last year. And even with one season under his belt, Reid says he’s not exactly the judge he wants to be yet.

“In Season 1, I was way too friendly,” he says. “And then in Season 2, I ended up even nicer. If I’m around for Season 3, I’m going to turn into a real mean guy because I don’t like this nice version of myself.”

Reid says he personally hates nice people and so he isn’t pleased about how he’s come off so far on The X Factor, especially in light of his fellow judges.

“I like Simon because he’s always mean,” he explains. “I like Britney, because she’s mean. And this year, it feels like me and Demi are like the nice people. I don’t like that.”

Clearly, Reid has an appreciation for Spears’ career and how she has taken to her role as a new judge this season. But, of all the great Britney moments so far (and the many amazing facial expressions), Reid’s favorite moment probably ranks high on viewers’ lists as well.

“My favorite Britney moment is really easy,” he reveals. “The other night, a contestant performed ‘Ice Ice Baby,’ and Britney got up and started popping off. And I’m telling you, that was the moment for me just watching her getting excited and watching her dance and become Britney right before my eyes. It was like magical and I loved it.”

Watch a first look at boot camp above and re-live Spears “popping off” below.

The X Factor airs Wednesdays and Thursdays at 8 PM on FOX.

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