‘Glee’ Scoop: 9 O-M-Glee Things to Know About ‘The Break Up’

Get ready, Gleeks. Thursday night’s all-new episode of Fox’s Glee, aptly titled “The Break Up,” is a major tearjerker and Celebuzz has the scoop. All of the major couples are tested, and unfortunately, many of them are headed for Splitsville. (Warning: Spoilers follow.)

After Finn (Cory Monteith) showed up on Rachel’s (Lea Michele) doorstep in New York City, the two try to make things work. But small-town hero Finn starts to feel lost in the big city, and Rachel’s good-looking NYADA classmate Brody (Dean Geyer) isn’t helping.

Meanwhile, with Kurt’s (Chris Colfer) demanding new job at Vogue, Blaine (Darren Criss) starts to feel lonely. So he hops on a plane to JFK with a dream and a cardigan (sans bowtie!) to remember how things used to be — back when Kurt was his one and only Teenage Dream. 

And then there’s Brittany (Heather Morris) and Santana (Naya Rivera), who are struggling to make their LDR (long distance relationship) work.

What else can you expect from “The Break Up”? We’ve got the scoop!

1. At least two couples are O-V-E-R… for now.

At least two Glee couples will be dunzo by the episode’s end, and while each pair has a different reason for splitting, it won’t make it any easier for fans. Every couple will, in some way, recall the first time they met — whether it be in the fourth row of the choir room or in the school auditorium — and Glee fans will appreciate the nods to some of the series’ finest episodes. Let’s just say when Finn looks at Rachel, a Coldplay song plays in his heart.

Also, don’t be too sad, Gleeks, there’s always hope for a reconciliation.

2. Someone gets caught cheating.

Flirting over Facebook gets someone in a lot trouble — and yes, it ultimately leads to a devastating breakup. Seriously, Gleeks, get your tissues ready. Meanwhile, another character admits to being attracted to someone else.

3. Rachel and Brody have a karaoke moment that will most likely break Finchel fans’ hearts.

Finn was already feeling like a “Lima loser” when he came to New York, but emotions really come to a boiling point when Rachel decides to sing Demi Lovato’s “Give Your Heart a Break” with Brody at a karaoke bar in Brooklyn. Apparently, Finn hasn’t even sung in the shower since Nationals and wasn’t really in the mood to polish up his pipes for karaoke. Unfortunately for Rachel, singing a love song with another guy in front of your boyfriend is probably not the best way to cheer him up.

4. Brittana is finally reunited, but it’s not necessarily something to cheer about.

Santana once again serenades Brittany in the choir room, and if her version of Taylor Swift’s “Mine” doesn’t make you run to download it on iTunes, then you’re crazier than Dottie Sagitori (Tina’s assistant). Santana’s musical confession may not, however, be the answer to Brittana’s problems.

5. Marley and Jake have more in common that you might think.

Everyone may be breaking up, but Marley and Jake — hereby known as Jarley — are starting to get closer than ever. Unlike his half brother Puck, Jake isn’t the most popular guy at McKinley. Not only does he risk his relationship with Kitty (and his spot at the popular table) for Marley, but McKinley’s new bad boy starts to open up to the glee club’s new Rachel. Surprisingly, they have more than a few things in common.

6. Kurt and Finn share some brotherly love.

For those of you missing the quasi-brotherly relationship between Finn and Kurt (think: “Grilled Cheesus”), then you have something to look forward to in “The Break Up.” Not only does Finn affectionately adress Kurt as “Little Brother,” but the two also share an emotional scene in which one character bids a sad adieu to the other — with a hug.

7. Kitty gifts Marley — and herself — with new nicknames.

While it probably won’t be too hard to figure this one out, Kitty dishes out three new nicknames, two for Marley and one for herself. And while nothing is quite as good as “Richie Poor,” we think “Soldier of the Lord,” “Itty Bitty” and “Boobless” are great additions to Kitty’s expanding vocabulary of glee-otchy one-liners. Can you guess which one is for Marley?

8. Jesus makes a comeback at McKinley.

The Rapture is coming, Gleeks. With Kitty at the helm of the Left Behind Club, she’s starting to freak everyone out with her Kirk Cameron name-dropping and fake Rapture drills — especially her boyfriend Jake. Luckily, McKinley’s No. 1 glee-otch Santana is back in town, and she’s not going to put up with Kitty’s nonsense.

9. Mr. Schue goes to Washington…

But will Emma give up her dreams to help Will chase his? Come on, Will, Emma has pamphlets to make! She can’t follow you to Washington.

Glee airs Thursdays at 9PM ET on Fox. Below, Glee star Chord Overstreet dishes about his dream girl.