‘Glee’ Star Dean Geyer Skateboards Shirtless in Santa Monica (PHOTOS)

Now that’s something to sing about.

Glee star Dean Geyer ditched his shirt while skateboarding in Santa Monica on Wednesday, proving his body is as fit as his vocal chords.

Indeed, the 26-year-old Aussie, who joined the cast of Glee this season, showed off his impressive physique as he skated around town, before stopping to rest on a nearby rock.

Geyer made his Glee debut in the season premiere, in which fans were introduced to Brody Weston, an upperclassman at NYADA who becomes involved with Rachel Berry (Lea Michele).

Glee airs Thursday nights on FOX.

What do you think of Geyer’s rockin’ bod? Check it out in the gallery, above.

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