Jennifer Lopez Strips Down in 'Parker' Trailer (VIDEO)

There's no denying J.Lo's hot body in the new trailer for her upcoming flick Parker.

In a scene with co-star Jason Statham, Jennifer Lopez, 43, unwraps her khaki tie-dress to strip down to her bra and skivvies -- showing off her six-pack abs and killer thighs.

What prompted her character to show so much skin?

In Parker -- set for release next year -- Statham's character attempts to create a new identity for himself to stay out of trouble, but a gorgeous gal (Lopez) seems to get in the way. Can she be trusted?

In order to find out, the A-list actor requests that Lopez takes off her garments to prove she's not wired.

"Take off your clothes -- I have to know if you're wearing a wire," Statham requests.

Click on the video above to see what happens next. 




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