Kate Upton Poses Topless for Cosmopolitan's November Issue (PHOTOS)

kate strips down
Kate Upton Poses Topless in 'Cosmopolitan'
Kate Upton Poses Nude
Model Kate Upton shows her sultry side in nude shoot for 'Contributor' magazine.
Kate Upton bares all in 'Contributor' magazine. Read More »

Winter may be coming -- but that hasn't stopped bikini babe Kate Upton from taking it all off.

The 20-year-old graces the cover of Cosmopolitan's November issue and bares her signature curves in its sexy featured photo spread.

Sporting an assortment of frilly underwear, the blonde bombshell is seen posing topless in a barn as she dishes about her life for the magazine.

Which body part did Upton say she likes to accentuate the most?

"Which body part I'd like to accentuate? I'd say my eyes," she quipped. "I always use mascara."

Despite sky-rocketing to sex kitten status thanks to her bikini-clad Sports Illustrated cover earlier this year, Upton says she's not afraid to get in touch with her masculine side.

"I'm a mix of a mix -- a girlie girl and a tomboy," she reveals. "When I'm in a city, I'm girlie; but when I'm around a barn, I turn into a tomboy."

Do you think she looks like a tomboy type of gal in her country-themed shoot? Launch the gallery and judge for yourself.

Watch the video below for behind-the-scenes footage of Upton's sexy spread.




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  • Mooshki

    I'm so glad you're absolutely perfect, so you have the right to nitpick the tiny flaws of a beautiful woman.

  • Ranch Mubay
    Ranch Mubay

    She's not really topless is she? I mean she's covered up more than someone on the beach or even an award's show for that matter.

  • John Renn
    John Renn

    Iv'e never scene a Woman like Kate.., who's voluptuous body seems to want to jump right out of her dress.., like she can't hardly contain her unbelievable figure. She's blowing a lot of peoples minds with that Angelic Face and Far-Out Bod like no other model seen in years. And a sence of humor acompanies her too.

  • Lisa Connor
    Lisa Connor

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  • davenport


  • davenport

    thats false

  • charmain

    great pics

  • Anonymous

    Kate Upton has a great face and a decent personality but her body can get flabby and lacks tone.

  • kabir

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