Psy Before ‘Gangnam Style’: Music Execs Told Pop Star to Get Plastic Surgery to Solve ‘Looks Problem’

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His ‘Gangnam Style’ video has been streamed a record number of times on YouTube, yet when Korean rap star Psy was starting out a decade ago, record executives didn’t think anyone would want to look at his face.

In 2001, Psy, who was just starting out as a rookie rapper in the Korean music scene, was apparently told by an agency that his looks needed work.

“The agency heard my raps and were picturing a six-foot tall, sharp-looking, trendy guy,” Psy, whose real name is Park Jae-Sang, recently told Australia’s Daily Telegraph.

“But the CEO opened our meeting with the statement, ‘What are we going to do with this?’ Staff said, ‘How about we make him wear a cool mask?’ he added.

What other nasty words did Psy reportedly endure about his appearance?

The 34-year-old international superstar has received much attention for his unique fashion, dance moves and rap style thanks to “Gangnam Style.” In the span of less than three months, the single’s music video has received more than 359 million views on YouTube, along with 3.4 million likes.

But before his “Gangnam” days, the scene was much different for Psy.

“Everyone was coming up with solutions to my ‘looks problem,’” he told The Daily Telegraph.

“They said, ‘How about a bit of plastic surgery here and there?’ . . . the CEO’s response to that was, ‘Just a bit?’” Psy said.

In the end, the musician said, the conversation fizzled, and he never went under the knife..

These days, the pop sensation has been basking in “Gangnam” success, with appearances on Saturday Night Live, The Ellen DeGeneres Show and a deal with Schoolboy Records, the label founded by Justin Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun.

On Thursday, Psy performed for 50,000 fans at an outdoor plaza in Seoul, South Korea.

“I’m gonna have the biggest show ever at the Seoul City Hall Plaza!!!” he wrote on Twitter hours before the free concert.

Psy is also due in Germany, the Netherlands, Australia and Spain in coming weeks.

What do you think? Should Psy have changed his looks? Share your thoughts below.


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