‘Scandal’ Cast Spills 7 Things to Expect From Season 2

'Scandal': Who is Quinn?
Katie Lowes talks about the burning question.
The second season premiere of Shonda RhimesScandal wasted no time diving into the mystery of who is Quinn Perkins (Katie Lowes), set up in the first season finale. But in answering some questions about this mysterious young woman that Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) took under her wing, it cracked the door on a much larger conspiracy of cover-up that raised new questions about the secrets Olivia herself was keeping.

Just how steadfastly, and again secretively, Olivia went about defending Quinn, though, also tested the loyalty of the rest of Olivia Pope & Associates. As new clients and cases come their way, they will be forced to continue to work together as effortlessly and unified as they have in the past — all the while a new cloud of distrust hangs over some of their heads.

What can you expect from Scandal’s second season?

1. A light will slowly be shone not only on Quinn’s past life, but also the motive for saving her from standing trial as a suspect in a building bombing years earlier. “After figuring out the ‘who’ in ‘Who is Quinn Perkins?’ in Episode 1, we start to get a little bit into her history and exactly who she was before you met her. And some other people in her life that might have played pivotal roles in her life before she came to Olivia Pope,” Lowes previewed when Celebuzz chatted with the cast on their Los Angeles set.

2. Olivia continues to try to fight her pull towards Fitz (Tony Goldwyn), out of respect for his wife and the growing “America’s Baby” — which, by the way, does have a real name! “What’s really striking about where Olivia is in [Episodes] 2 and 3 is she is really definitely trying to do the right thing. Both she and Fitz, with regard to the “fixing of it all;’ [that’s] what sustains her,” Washington explained.

“She gets her life force from helping other people, and with regard to her relationship with the President, she really is trying to do the right thing. And I think he is, too. I think one of the great things about the show is it makes you ask the question ‘What is the right thing? Is the right thing to stay true to the commitments—the matrimonial commitments you’ve made? Is the right thing to honor your heart?’”

3. But Mellie (Bellamy Young) will get her time with Fitz, too, though it may prove to be short-lived. “I was so happy to get to explore some of the happier times with Fitz in Episodes 2 and 3. It was really, really nice to get to be warm with him again because I love Tony so much, and we usually spend our time screaming at each other!” Young laughed.

“It’s such a heart break watching the man you love find true love in front of your eyes [with someone else]. So, it really does leave her capable of anything because you’re never crueler than to the people you love the most because they can hurt you the deepest, and you’re meeting Mellie at a really sad, hurt moment in her life.”

4. Huck’s (Guillermo Diaz) inner demons may have been triggered by torturing his old friend on Season 1, but he is on a path to recovery. Despite new temptations that arise on Episode 3, he is really trying to be a better person. “I feel like he’s starting to realize he needs to find a way to fix himself, a way to find a support group. So he starts going to AA because there’s no Torturers’ Anonymous! I think Huck is really looking within himself and thinking ‘I’ve got to change, because this could be really bad.’ He’s enjoying torturing and killing too much. I think he’s moving forward, but that dark side will always be there. It’s kind of like an alcoholic; you can kind of get a handle on it, but it will always be there,” Diaz shared.

4. Once just a mere thorn in Olivia’s side, David (Joshua Malina) is inching toward becoming an actual threat. “I think even from the end of the pilot — that moment in the courtroom — something has clearly shifted. Something has clearly shifted at the end of the episode between [Olivia and David] for real. I think that is relevant, for sure. The dynamic between them has changed,” Washington previewed.

5. New cases for Olivia Pope & Associates, on paper, look like simple sex scandals, missing students, and stolen government property. But as the team looks into them, they learn there is so much more going on that what appears on the surface. A pivotal situation on Episode 3 “could ruin everyone!” per Washington. “It sort of destroys the very fabric that we built our American society on. It would take away our freedom of privacy completely,” she teased.

6. The Amanda Tanner of it all may be on the back burner for now, but the cast wouldn’t rule out it coming back around soon enough. After all the audience knows Cyrus (Jeff Perry) was really behind a good portion of it, and why reveal that if it won’t have more importance down the line? Lowes considered: “When all of these conspiracies come out at the end of these episodes, which is where I think we’re headed, this huger conspiracy that Quinn has been linked into and all of these questions coming back… I wouldn’t be shocked if it wouldn’t all come back around.”

7. While early episodes are heavy on Quinn and even Huck’s backstories, Harrison’s is right around the corner. Though Columbus Short called Harrison “very observant” and “the watcher” of the group, alluding to the fact that he may know more of his colleague’s secrets than he lets on, just how far he’ll go for them will come to light soon. “The moral ambiguity with his character is about to be discovered. The reason he’s so loyal to Olivia—you will find out. You will find out a lot about who Harrison is and why he’s there.”

Darby Stanchfield added that “[Episode 6] catapults something new that [Harrison] has to carry on [his] shoulders. It’s a game-changer for him.”

Any guesses!?

Scandal airs on ABC on Thursday nights at 10 PM.

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