TLC Teams Up With the Roloffs for New Weekly Series: 'Little People, Big World: Wedding Farm' (EXCLUSIVE)

“It’s not like Amy and I are over the hill at 50.” -- Matt Roloff
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Little People, Big World fans, if you’ve been craving more of the Roloffs, we have huge news for you.

Celebuzz can report exclusively that the Roloffs are coming back to the network with a new weekly series, Little People, Big World: Wedding Farm, premiering its first of six one hour episodes on Tuesday, Nov. 13 at 9 PM on TLC.

Produced by Gay Rosenthal Productions, the new series follows Matt Roloff and his wife, Amy Roloff, as they embark on a new wedding venue business in which they restore a barn on part of the additional 75 acres of land viewers watched them purchase on their Oregon farm on a recent special.

“This was not something where TLC came and said, ‘Let’s do this and that,’ ”  Matt tells Celebuzz exclusively. "This was a business plan that we put together during our off time from the show. And this was how we were going to justify the purchase of the investment of that farm.”

What else did Matt and Amy tell us about their new business venture and return to a weekly series?

“It was something Amy and I thought we could collaborate on well together,” Matt explains of the new business. “I like to build projects.”

“I have the hospitality hosting,” Amy adds. “And I can help with people’s ideas and really getting them to utilize the venue. That’s an advantage for a big event.”

“It’s just been fun to collaborate and have things that we can work together on now that the kids are moving on down the road,” Matt also points out.

The couple says the production came together fairly quickly. “We were just going to see how it would work, how it would turn out,” says Amy, 48. “It was kind of like a trial by error. And then TLC ran with it.”

“It got back to the basics of what we used to do in the early days of the show,” Matt, 50, adds. “TLC was able to mobilize very quickly and were able to get in here really quickly, during the restore of the barn… and to make a big mud hole into a venue.”

Even though TLC has aired several LPBW specials since the original series ended in December 2010, shooting a weekly series took a little getting used to for the family.

“Yeah, I think it was something to get back into on a weekly basis and kind of organize all these different schedules around and stuff,” Amy explains. “It certainly takes about a couple of days and then it’s like, ‘Oh, yeah, this is what we used to do.’ ”

The couple points out the experience of creating a wedding venue was very different as their kids start their own young adult lives.

“That’s probably one of the hardest things and one of the reasons we decided to use this portion of the farm for weddings, because it’s something Matt and I can probably handle and do,” Amy says. “We don’t necessarily need the kids around here all the time. But when they’re able to help out, it’s great.”

On the new series, Jeremy Roloff, 22, visits several times from college and even utilizes what he's learned as the photographer for a few weddings. His fraternal twin brother, Zachary Roloff (the only little person of the four children) continues to find his own career path and his way through his first major romantic relationship. Molly Roloff, 19, graduates from high school and prepares to go off for college. And the youngest, 15-year-old Jacob Roloff, will become the only child to live at home without his siblings.

“The Roloff family continues with life-changing moments in their own lives in addition to making them for someone else,” Amy, whose first cookbook, Short and Simple Family Recipes, was released this month, points out.

“It’s not like Amy and I are over the hill at 50,” Matt says. “Amy and I both have a renewed sense of passion and excitement about what we’re doing. We’re doing it together and it has been a really, really interesting turn of events for us.”

Ah, yes, we should also point out that Matt and Amy will be celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary. That should come as a comfort for those who worried about the state of the couple’s relationship when the original series ended.

“I think when you realize the amount of years that you’ve been together,” Amy tells us of how they got over the rough patch in their marriage. “You’ve definitely had your good times and bad times, you know up the hill and down the hill, but in the end it’s a life shared together. We’ve done some really great things and let’s find some ways to keep that going.”

“Who said the troubles are over, anyway?” Matt interjects with his characteristic sarcastic humor.

TLC will also continue to produce standalone specials with the family, which have so far averaged 1.5 million viewers, beyond this new series.

Watch Celebuzz’s exclusive sneak peek of the new weekly series above.

Are you excited to welcome the Roloffs back into your home every week?

TLC's Secret Princes star, Lord Robert Walters, stops by the Celebuzz studios. Watch our interview with the royal on this week's episode of The B-Cap below. And check back every Tuesday for a new episode.



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  • Pia

    glad to see them back but, please no more, we could lose the farm.

  • kai

    Ugh! Why are they bringing this piggy family back. They are so dirty. The house looks like it belongs on horders. Their daughter is the only one that doesn't have any baggage. Isn't it rich, that these two are having a wedding show. All they ever do is bicker, I don't care how long they've been married. There is a major lack of respect between the two of them. Matt Roloff...ugh, all he does is brag about his plans and projects. Mean while he sits there like a king, bossing everyone around.

  • Gina McIntyre
    Gina McIntyre

    Love you all sooooooo much! I was literally in tears when I saw you were coming back for another series! You have been in our home for many years now. We may not have ever met you, but we feel as tho you are family. Very proud of you both, for the lives you have made for your family. Tuesday can't come soon enough for me!! Along with many others, visiting your farm is on my bucket list. I would love to re-new my wedding vows awesome would that be! See you tuesday!!

  • Gina Pilcher
    Gina Pilcher

    I'm soooo exited,the Roloffs are Back!!! Roll on November! My whole family love you Guys!!

  • Thorzine17

    I loved the Roloffs too. I have enjoyed the specials to catch up on the family and hope that Matt and Amy are still together and Jacob seems to have grown up a bit and stopped being an ass.


    I have watched and admired this family from the beginning of their show and it is on my bucket list to visit the Roloff farm this year. We will be going there this month and I am so excited and hopefully get to see some of the family.

  • colletteremsen

    I Love the Roloffs! I am so happy to see them back on TV. Can't wait to see the new wedding shows!

  • Connie Reed
    Connie Reed

    I'm so glad to hear Matt and Amy, Jeremy, Zach, Molly, Jacob are coming back. I have missed seeing them also how much the Kids have growin into adulthood.

  • Harry

    We've waited so long for the Roloff's to come back to t.v. Can't wait !!!!!!!!!

  • Cheryl

    I am so glad to have another great show from the Roloffs...there isn't enough good tv to watch anymore and I have missed them so very much.

  • cindy gladden
    cindy gladden

    Visited the farm last year. Great people and sweet as can be. I am so happy for all their successes. This farm is an absolutely beautiful place and a wedding there would be breathtaking. I hope they have many years of success with this new project. You go guys. It's great to be in our 50's and still dancing - right??

  • JAN


  • Kathy Pierce
    Kathy Pierce

    Yipppeee ! There back we are so excited that you are going to be back on the air, we have missed watching your show ! We can't wait to fallow along on your new wedding adventures with the expansion of your farm ! We have been wondering how all of you are, you have felt like a part of our family as we have watched your family grow up before our eyes ! God Bless you and your family and your new adventure !

  • Carolann Grcia
    Carolann Grcia

    I oud love to be married to my hunn buny onthe Roloff Farm.

  • sherry lee
    sherry lee

    oh i cant wait hope to one day visit the farm that is my dream

  • Ronald Kowaleski
    Ronald Kowaleski

    Is the ROLOFF really going to be on tv weekly???

  • Donna

    Can't wait for the show to begin. Always loved watching.

  • Gloria Yates
    Gloria Yates

    Really looking forward to the new show, and wishing you all the best in this new endeavor. Blessings to the Roloff entire Family.

  • Louise (Sadie Ellen)
    Louise (Sadie Ellen)

    Having the Roloff's back is FANTASTIC news!!! Our entire family has missed them so very much and we can't wait to see their new endeavour. Welcome back Amy and Matt, we're so grateful you've come up with this wonderful new idea. See you in November!!

  • Betty Kass
    Betty Kass

    I have always loved your family and really missed you when you weren't on TV!!! So thankful that you are returning with a new series! I won't miss a single one!!!!!

  • Jan Albrecht Cole
    Jan Albrecht Cole

    I have missed your show. The new series looks great! Best of luck! Can't wait!

  • Wanda

    Looking forward to your new show. I have missed all of you!

  • Tonya Perkins
    Tonya Perkins

    So excited! Have been waiting for them to come back!

  • Victoria McGuire
    Victoria McGuire