‘American Idol’ Feud: A Breakdown of Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey’s Careers (INFOGRAPHIC)

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"Super Bass" vs. "One Sweet Day." Pink wigs and Crayola-colored outfits vs. butterflies and rainbows. Roman Zolanski vs. Bianca.

With chart-topping hits and eccentric alter egos, Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey each have built successful careers in the spotlight. Now sharing the judges' table on American Idol, Minaj, 29, and Carey, 42, are hitting headlines — but this time for their diva dramatics. The pop stars have sparked an on-set feud, after a heated exchange during a recent audition session in Charlotte, N.C., left Minaj and Carey at odds.

While the validity of the fight remains in question (Cee Lo Green, for example, thinks the whole thing is a stunt to boost Idol ratings), one thing is for sure: these ladies know how to sell records, make fashion statements and promote perfume lines.

When it comes to music, who is the bigger artist?

To help fans decide which American Idol judge will eventually rise to the top, Celebuzz has put together an infographic breaking down everything from Minaj and Carey’s musical influences and movie roles, to their love life and number of Grammy awards.

It’s true — "Starships," as catchy as it is, never made it to the top of Billboard’s Hot 100 list. The song peaked at number five, and spent 21 consecutive weeks in the top ten.

For more on Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey’s illustrious careers, check out the infographic, above.

What do you think of the feud between the American Idol judges? Do you think it will get worse? Share your thoughts below.



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  • cheezzy

    I love em both but nicki sit yo fake ass down!

  • Babysiter

    Well if Mariah has more expernice than the other Bimbo then you need to boot her off the show so that it won't be a total loss..... Cause she don't no music an don't have the talent that Mariah has for this show... I say Get Rid Of Her Now!!!!! Before there is really a big cat fight that neither of you will be able to handle... At least think of the show and the preformers!!!!!

  • Austin

    It's all for Idol ratings. The more drama, the more people watch the show. But as for the chart at the top of the page Nicki is at a severe disadvantage only being in the business for a few years. You can't fairly compare them on anything but the very start of either career.

  • Sofia from Argentina
    Sofia from Argentina

    You can't compare them because Mariah has been in the music industry for idk 15 years more than Nicki? Give Minaj 10 more years and then you can compare all the things they've accomplished

  • Julie

    Could you please stop this "Who is better" fight?? We all know Mariah is the best, and Nicki is a talent less slut.