‘Big Rich Texas’ Star Bon Blossman Talks Rebellious Daughters, Dishes on Season 3 (EXCLUSIVE Q&A)

Powerful Mom-Daughter pairs of Hollywood
Like the city they call home, the women of Big Rich Texas, which airs on Style Sundays at 8/7 c, have BIG opinions about pretty much everything.

To prove it, Celebuzz spoke with Bon Blossman, one of the show’s most opinionated stars, about dealing with a rebellious daughter, the difference between Dallas and Los Angeles, and how the upcoming third season of the show is going to be the wildest yet.

Find out Bon’s thoughts and get the inside scoop on the new season of Big Rich Texas.

Celebuzz: Having spent time in both cities, what are some the differences between Dallas and LA?
Bon Blossman: To me, people are more high-energy in LA than in Dallas, where things move at a slower pace. And I feel like I see more natural looking hair and make-up in Los Angeles. Just more dressed down looks than you’ll see in DFW where, in Dallas, we get dressed up to go the grocery store or the mall!  We’re more laid back in Texas, but we get dressed up more.

CB: Is there anything you would change about living in Dallas? Anything you find limiting?
Just in the past year, Dallas has become more of a destination for the film and television industry. For someone who wants to be in TV or movies, living in Dallas would have been seen as limiting as recently as a year ago. But now with all the reality TV shows, the Dallas reboot and other shows, Dallas is starting to look a lot like a second Hollywood.

CB: Your daughter seems to be a crossroads in her life.  Is there anything unexpected you’ve learned about having a child return to the nest in her early twenties.
Whitney is a 100 percent rebel. She gets that from me no doubt. I think when you over-parent a rebellious child, they will tend to rebel even more. So now that’s she older, I’ve become her friend because that’s really the only thing I can do to remain in her life. So, I switched to “friend mode” from “mom mode.”  There’s just no traditional way to parent her.

I was overly strict when she was younger, which may have been why she rebelled when she was 18. Since she didn’t really rebel until she was 18, I believe that her attitude — which you’ve see can be horrible at times — shouldn’t necessarily be a reflection of me. But my daughter is also one of the most dear people I have ever known — despite being a firecracker — you saw her put the gum in my drink, right? But I try to get her right back. We’re both adults after all.

CB: Anything special we can expect this season?
BB: This is the most highly dramatic season ever. The producers were literally having to constantly chase all the things that were happening. Especially towards the end of the season, there are some unbelievable and shocking things that happened – it’s still blowing my mind that what happened actually happened. Leslie and I aren’t friends anymore and never will be ever again.  She has done some unforgivable things to my family.

Everything that happened just spiraled so quickly. If we scripted this, we couldn’t have written it this good. People always say to me “Y’all are scripted” and I say, “I WISH we were!”

We take a trip to New Orleans which was out of control – and things pretty much just get nuts from there.

CB: How has being on the show really changed your life, for better or worse?
BB: For the worse, I’ve never been tied up in court for half a year. I don’t even know what I’m being sued for anymore. The positive, though, is that I have met so many awesome people all over the world because of the show and I wouldn’t change that for the world.

The mother-daughters pairs of Big Rich Texas know a thing or two about the spotlight.  The new season of their hit show promises more conflict and power struggles than ever.

See a 10-minute preview of what’s to come this season on Big Rich Texas and don’t forget to tune in Sunday at 8/7c!

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