Brad Pitt’s Chanel No. 5 Ads to Debut in Mid-October: See Other Celebs Who Have Sold Chanel (GALLERY)

Brad Pitt sold us on goatees, New Orleans, men with highlights and Angelina Jolie (despite our affinity for his ex Jennifer Aniston) — but can he sell a woman’s fragrance?

Chanel is about to find out. The luxury brand tapped Pitt to be the new face of its iconic perfume Chanel No. 5 back in May, and the ad campaign — which will include a commercial and a print ad — will finally debut on October 15.

While the iconic brand has employed an array of famous faces for its ad campaigns — including Nicole Kidman, Keira Knightley, Vanessa Paradis and Catherine Deneuve — Pitt will be the first male celeb to tout a woman’s perfume.

What was Chanel thinking? 

Here’s what Andrea d’Avack, president, Chanel Fragrance & Beauty had to say about Chanel’s unorthodox celebrity endorsement:

“To keep a legend fresh, you always have to change its point of view. It is the first time we’ve had a man speaking about a women’s fragrance. We think very much that the perfume is a seduction between a man, a woman and the perfume.”

Unlike some of Chanel’s other fragrance ads, Pitt will speak in the commercial, which was shot by Anna Karenina director Joe Wright, who also directed Keira Knightley in Chanel’s Coco Mademoiselle commercials.


But Chanel isn’t just banking on the 48-year-old’s looks to sell the scent. Unlike Knightley’s ads, Pitt won’t play the object of a woman’s affection. Rather Chanel No. 5 will play the object of his affection, as the commercial’s big twist is that though the star appears to be talking to a woman, he is in fact, waxing poetic to a perfume bottle.

Though Pitt’s real-life object of affection — Jolie — won’t be starring in the commercial, the brand may be banking on the fact that women will associate the strong, sultry scent with Jolie, who happens to embody those characteristics.

Would an endorsement by Pitt get you to buy the fragrance? Click on the gallery to see the other famous faces of Chanel. Then sound off in the comments below. 

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