‘Butter:’ Hugh Jackman and Ty Burrell Compete for Jennifer Garner’s Carving Queen (EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS)

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The complexities of politics get turned into a comical carving competition in Butter, the new film starring Jennifer Garner, Hugh Jackman, Ty Burrell, Olivia Wilde and Ashley Greene.

To commemorate the film’s October 5 opening, Celebuzz has two exclusive “campaign buttons” for Boyd Bolton and Bob Pickler, the characters played by Jackman and Burrell (respectively).

Additionally, we’ve collected a gallery of images from the film that give audiences a glimpse of the crazy world of butter carving that the characters occupy.

Which characters make margarine their artistic canvas?

Garner’s character Laura Pickler is the reigning queen of the competition – that is, until young Destiny (Yara Shahadi) turns up with a prodigious talent for turning butter into beautiful art.

Meanwhile, stripper Brooke (Wilde) joins the fray to wreak havoc on Laura’s life after unsuccessfully seducing her husband Bob (Burrell).

Watch a clip for Butter below. The film opens nationwide October 5.

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