First ‘Skyfall’ Clip: Daniel Craig’s James Bond Has a Train to Catch (VIDEO)

'Skyfall' Trailer
Check out a preview of Craig's latest outing as 007.
Adele's 'Skyfall' Song
Listen to a preview of her theme to the Bond film.
Don’t expect Daniel Craig’s James Bond to do things the easy way.

The first excerpt from Skyfall, Craig’s third go-around as Agent 007 and the 23rd movie in the 50-year-old franchise, released Thursday, shows Craig’s agent coming up with a novel way to catch a ride on a train — a method that involves a giant construction digger.

How does Bond use the heavy, unwieldy vehicle to chase down a ride on a train?

While it’s unclear how the chase starts, Bond uses the machine to run over a flatbed train car full of automobiles (soon crushed under the digger’s treads). He then uses the shovel to rip open the passenger car in front of him like a can of sardines. He climbs over the arm of the digger and leaps into the train car, continuing in pursuit of his quarry. Since he’s James Bond, he does all this without getting his suit messed up.

Alas, the clip is less than one minute long. It certainly whets the appetite for Skyfall, due in theaters Nov. 9.

The clip’s release on Yahoo! Movies Thursday is part of a carefully orchestrated campaign to remind everyone, not only of the imminent release of Skyfall, but also of the 50th anniversary of the 007 franchise, which launched on Oct. 5, 1962 with the release of Sean Connery’s first Bond movie, Dr. No.

Friday’s anniversary also saw the official release of Adele’s theme song for Skyfall, though teasers had been leaking out all week.

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