‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Recap: Will Anyone Ever Be the Same Again?

Thursday’s episode of ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy took us back in time to see what happened during those months that we magically jumped over on the season premiere.

Last week’s episode was oddly confusing as we tried to figure out how everyone ended up where they did and what happened during that time. And while this episode did answer those questions, it did it in such a non-linear manner that we were sometimes left just as confused as we were last time. Luckily, everything made sense in the end though.

While some incidents were expected, such as Mark’s (Eric Dane) deterioration, others came as a bit of a shocker. After looking at her last week, who would have guessed that Christina (Sandra Oh) came out of that wilderness an insane mute?

Note: Spoilers ahead if you didn’t watch Thursday’s episode, “Remember the Time.”

When the episode started off with Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) and moved very quickly through time, there was some disappointment as it looked like maybe they were going to skip over everyone else’s story. While Meredith’s was good, we still wanted to see what happened to everyone else as well. But then, it became apparent that every character was going to get their own separate turn to run through the time machine and we just had to be patient and watch as all of the pieces of the puzzle were slowly fitted together.

Meredith came out of the crash and immediately went back to being her hopeful self again, which was in stark contrast to the beast she was on last week’s episode. If she came out of the crash like that we would have understood, but why would Meredith go from giving Christina that long speech about how she was going to look at life differently and see not just the bad things that happened but the good things as well, and then go to being the mean resident all the interns fear? Is there another part of the story that we are missing?

Christina’s story was probably the most realistic to anyone who’s ever been through a severe trauma. When she told Owen (Kevin McKidd) that she was stuck in that place and couldn’t get out, it reminded us of people returning from war who still suffer from flashbacks. Though she ran away to another place, her phone call to Meredith, reassuring her best friend that they were still each other’s person, is proof enough that she will be back.

It’s tempting to go back and time his sequence because it feels like Derek’s (Patrick Dempsey) story wasn’t as long as everyone else’s. Sure, we understand that he went through a lot with his hand, but when you compare it to things like losing a limb, being catatonic, or losing your life, somehow it doesn’t feel quite as heavy.

While it’s understandable that Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) would be angry at what happened to her, did anyone else think that her taking it out on Alex (Justin Chambers) went a little bit too far? He decided to leave so that he could improve his career, which is reasonable. Arizona losing her temper and getting on the plane is not completely his fault and calling him an awful person actually made her sound pretty awful herself. That being said, it is incredibly tragic what she went through. Let’s hope that there is reconciliation possible between them, because they did make a great team at one point.

Grey’s Anatomy is a show that has become pretty well known for killing off a lot of characters, but this is the first time that I can recall them killing off the same one twice. When we watched Mark die silently on last week’s episode, we put it right up there with one of the hardest scenes we ever had to watch. That is, until he basically died again in this episode, slipping into a coma with Webber (James Pickens, Jr.) sitting at his side.

Now that we’re back to present time and the past has been cleared up, we’re left wondering what will happen next. Hopefully, we can get back to more of what we usually want to see on an episode of Grey’s Anatomy: Cool surgeries, hook-ups, arguments and witty repertoire. Not that this trip into “Very Serious Land” wasn’t well worth the airline miles.

Buzz Moments

OMG!: Christina suddenly speaking for the first time when Owen was giving her a bath. Up until then, we weren’t sure she was ever going to talk again, despite what we saw in the flash-forwards from last week.

Thank you, TV gods.: As hard as it was to watch, Mark hitting his “surge” and waking up happy and energetic for a while. It was nice to see that he didn’t simply give up in the end, but did actually try to fight to stay alive. It made his death a little easier to take, but only just a little.

Awk-ward: Arizona’s whole speech to Alex when she said she had been laying there thinking about how she had a wife and baby and he had no one; how he was an awful person and the only reason she got on that plane was because of him and she couldn’t understand how something like that could happen to her and not to him.

Hotness: This was a pretty serious episode and wasn’t exactly chock-full of the sexy moments Grey’s usually has, but we still managed to find one. When Derek went to observe the surgery being done by his colleague, we couldn’t help but to enjoy the lovely eye candy that was Shane (Gaius Charles).

Fab-u-lous: Christina calling Meredith back at the end and telling her that she was Meredith’s person and Meredith was hers. Theirs is really the longest (sisterly) love story on the show and it always makes us happy when they reaffirm their connection to one another.

Can. Not. Wait.: Meredith giving Avery (Jesse Williams) hell for de-flowering Kepner. That is something we’ve been waiting for somebody to address for a long time.

Celebuzz Meter (1-10): 9

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Michelle Carlbert