‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Showrunner Shonda Rhimes Promises Happiness for Arizona and Callie

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Grey’s Anatomy creator Shonda Rhimes is back at it. The prolific showrunner headed back to her Whosay blog Thursday night to defend her decision to make Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) an amputee.

On Season 9’s second episode, we were taken back to the site of the tragic plane crash and given a look at the rescue and recovery of Meredith (Ellen Pompeo), Cristina (Sandra Oh), Derek (Patrick Dempsey), Mark (Eric Dane) and Arizona. The episode showed Callie (Sara Ramirez) promising Arizona she wouldn’t let anyone take her leg but unable to keep that promise with her wife’s life in jeopardy.

“It felt real to me that Arizona would lose her leg,” she wrote. “That someone we love so much would go from being ambulatory to WORKING on being ambulatory, that we would begin to understand what it is like to be different abled from watching a person we love BECOME differently abled.”

How will this change impact the future of Arizona and Callie ?

Though their immediate future may be a bit rough, she reveals that there is happiness in their future. (YAY!) She promises that the duo are “going to have a fun romance-y, sexy love life again. And you are going to see it this season.”

Rhimes added, “Arizona is gonna get her mojo back in a BIG WAY. And (spoiler alert!) it’s gonna happen before Valentine’s Day.”

In addition to defending her decision to have Arizona lose her leg and tease the future of the couple, Rhimes also discussed her admiration for these wonderful two characters and actresses.

On Callie, she says she “is no hero.”

“Callie is our ‘good man in a storm’ and she is doing the best she can,” the showrunner said. She is a person who is amazing in the face of danger and she is going through an unbelievably hard time right now. With the loss of her best friend and the rough patch she is about to experience with her wife, it is not easy being Callie Torres.

As for Capshaw’s performance as Arizona, she remarks that she is “FEARLESS. OUT OF CONTROL FEARLESS.” She continued, “It’s a pleasure to get to work with someone so game for the story. So game for representing things rarely seen on network TV.”

Rhimes also responded to those fans which accused her of cutting off Arizona’s leg because she is a lesbian. To them, she writes, “If you think she lost a le,  because she is a lesbian, I say ‘GET A LIFE.’ Or maybe ‘LOSE A LEG.’ And then see how you feel about a sexy adorable person who happens to have a residual stump. Think about it. And then GET WITH THE PROGRAM.”

The showrunner had taken to her blog last week after Season 9’s emotional premiere sparked a twitter frenzy over Mark’s death. In that post, she clarified to fans her rational for killing beloved characters. Specifically she wrote about what the deaths of Mark Sloan and Lexie Grey (Chyler Leigh) meant to her. Rhimes also wrote an obituary for the fan-favorite McSteamy in this week’s issue of Entertainment Weekly.

As for the rest of this season, Rhimes left us with this: “This season is BIG. I’m in a happy place, y’all. Which means Happy THINGS are happening. I’m freaking the Writers out with all the Happy Things that are happening. But it feels right and it feels real. So I’m going with it.”

Grey’s Anatomy airs Thursdays at 9 PM on ABC.

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