TLC’s ‘Long Island Medium on the Road’ Special Goes the Distance (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

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We already knew that Theresa Caputo goes the distance for her clients.

But, TLC’s popular series crosses state lines and hits the pavement on Sunday’s new hour-long special, Long Island Medium on the Road, airing Sunday at 9 PM. And Celebuzz has an exclusive preview.

Yep, Theresa packs her bags and takes spirit along with her on a cross-country journey. She’ll surprise unsuspecting families along the way with her rare gift of speaking with the dearly departed. And along the way, she’ll find herself touched by the new friends she meets on her travels.

What’s in store when Long Island Medium hits the road?

Take for example, the mother and young son in our exclusive clip above. They recently lost the most important man in their lives – her husband and his father – unexpectedly.

But, Theresa reminds them of the good times they’ve had together and that this dad isn’t ever really that far away.

Wouldn’t you love to have Theresa show up on your doorstep?

TLC’s Secret Princes star, Lord Robert Walters, stops by the Celebuzz studios. Watch our interview with the royal on this week’s episode of The B-Cap below. And check back every Tuesday for a new episode.