‘X Factor’ Boot Camp Recap: It’s Round 2 for Paige Thomas Versus CeCe Frey (VIDEO)

'X Factor' Boot Camp Day 1
Half of the contenders are sent home.
Sixty acts remain after the first round of boot camp eliminations on FOX’s The X Factor. And nerves were rattled, some got ruthless and others just plain failed when singers were pitted against fellow contenders on the same song.

What was exciting about Thursday’s episode was that the show finally got down to good old singing. None of the lightning effects, over the top hysterics and planted audition clowns that punctuated X Factor’s auditions. Aside from the production’s very purposeful pairings – after all, this is still television – and minor temper tantrums, the drama came from seing who would literally put up or shut up.

Sadly, many shut up as the pressure of the competition, bad song choices, and rivalry had many of the singers forgetting their lyrics. This round of survivors would move on to the judges homes where they’ll find out who their coaches are and then continue to eliminate one another from the competition.

Which battles stood out from the rest?

Vino Alan versus David Correy: A great pairing for two very soulful and memorable guys. For 40-year-old Vino, there was a sense of desperation that came through after he sang his part on Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Going On.” Annapolis resident, David, has a penchant for showboating. I kind of hate that stuff, but I can say the 26-year-old was confident. In contrast, Vino threw a fit that started with throwing his hat down on stage to punching walls outside. It just wasn’t a good look. Advantage: David Correy

Diamond White versus Dinah Jane Hensen: Both these girls are powerhouse singers. And for their young ages, they’ve experienced a lot of challenges. Like the judges, I have a hard time picking between the two who pretty much killed it on Kelly Clarkson’s “Stronger.” Diamond, a little actress as well, decided to end her performance by sitting down on the stage. I could have done without that, but judge L.A. Reid was impressed with the move. Go figure. Although Dinah forgot her lyrics, the judges seemed to forgive her for it in the end. Advantage: Diamond White

Tara Simon versus Jennel Garcia: On Fleetwood Mac’s “Landslide,” 27-year-old vocal coach, Tara, railroaded 18-year-old Jennel. Not her style, not her decade, Jennel never really showed any confidence on stage. At the same time, Tara – who, after shoving the song down Jennel’s throat, ironically, wanted to show the judges a “softer” side. But, she took the song places it didn’t really need to go with all her vocal runs. And Simon called them both out for the bad song choice. Advantage: Tara, though it pains me to writ that.

Willie Jones versus Tate Stevens: Oh, this was painful. Fresh Prince-turned-country-singer Willie went with Tony Rich’s 1996 hit, “Nobody Knows,” on the recommendation of his competitor and ended up blanking out on the lyrics. There was some talk among the judges that Tate, 37, hustled Willie. But, I really didn’t feel that Tate has that in him. As Willie said, it is a great song. Advantage: Tate Stevens

Jillian Jensen versus Latasha Robinson: Formerly bullied Jillian, 19, couldn’t have showed just how undeserving of the abuse she previously fell victim to any more than when on stage against Latasha. Before the match, Jillian expressed how much respect she had for her competitor as a vocalist. Then on Sugarland’s “Stay,” Latasha, 27, forgot her lyrics and then just threw in the towel. Meanwhile, Jillian tried to help jog Latasha’s memory. But, Latasha was so far gone that she didn’t pay attention. She later threw a crying fit and complained that a 19-year-old outshined her on stage. Well, no, Latasha: A 19-year-old outclassed you on stage. Advantage: Jillian Jensen

Paige Thomas versus CeCe Frey: Ah, X Factor’s go-to-girls for drama. The two who battled on a Whitney Houston song on Wednesday’s episode made emotional pleas to the judges explaining what a win meant for them. In many ways, CeCe can be unbridled about her mind games and pulled one over on Paige when it came down to choosing their song, OneRepublic’s “Secrets.” CeCe’s treatment of others makes her very hard to like. On the other hand, Paige is a grown woman and mother. She should really have more fight in her. In the end, though, I think judge Britney Spears was turned off by CeCe’s energy and voted with Paige. Advantage: My vote also goes with Paige, though I have a strange feeling that both girls will move forward. X Factor isn’t done mining for competition between these two. Just a hunch.

Who thrilled you on the second day of boot camp and who disappointed you? Sound off in the comments section below.