David Beckham Studying to Become a Photographer: 12 Celebrities and Their Surprising Hobbies

Celebrities and Their Hobbies
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David Beckham is going from in front of the camera to behind it.

The sexy soccer star, 37, has been secretly studying photography, purchasing pricey equipment and even taking lessons.

So who is Beckham's muse? 

"He thinks he's David Bailey now [that] he's had a few lessons,"  a source told the UK's Daily Star newspaper. "He takes pictures of everything in his back garden -- flowers, the sky, his kids playing football.

"Since David took some photography lessons, he never puts his camera down. He's bought himself how-to books and spends hours trying to perfect shots. He's spent thousands. His camera equipment is better than some professional's."

The multi-talented dad of four joins a long list of celebrities with quirky interests.

From Tom Cruise's fascination with fencing to Johnny Depp's Barbie doll collection, view our gallery of celebrities and their hobbies to see what your favorite celebrity is into.




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