Nicole Scherzinger Reveals Past Eating Disorder: ‘My Bulimia Was My Addiction’

Former Pussycat Dolls singer Nicole Scherzinger battled an eating disorder for eight years.

In a new episode of VH1’s Behind the Music, the singer, now 34, reveals that she struggled with bulimia on a daily basis.

“It’s embarrassing. I never spoke about it,” she says in the program, which released a sneak peek earlier this week.

“It’s like when I got offstage, I was on this high, and I’d come back to my room and I’d be alone, so I would just do things. My bulimia was my addiction; hurting myself was my addiction.”

What else did Scherzinger reveal about her personal struggle?

“Every time I had a second to be alone, I was doing something to myself. You get, like, blisters on your hands or scars on your hands, and I’d try to hide those. I think the girls could tell,” she tells Behind the Music.

“I hated myself. I really was so disgusted with myself and so embarrassed. I felt so alone. I was in a group, and I never felt so alone in my life,” she continues.

Scherzinger is the latest celebrity to come forward about her struggle with body issues, following the inspirational footsteps of Lady Gaga, Demi Lovato and Katie Couric, all who have publicly spoken in recent weeks about their personal battles.

These days, the Hawaiian-born superstar is a force to be reckoned with. Besides serving as a judge on the new season of The X Factor in the UK, Scherzinger is also busy working on the follow-up to her 2011 debut album, Killer Love.

Earlier this year, the singer also appeared on the big screen in Men in Black 3, alongside Will Smith.

Behind the Music, featuring Nicole Scherzinger and some of her former Pussycat Doll members and founder Robin Antin, airs Sunday at 9PM ET on VH1.

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