‘Real Housewives’ Kathy Wakile Talks Her Plastic Surgery: I Went Back to My Early High School Days

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Even though Bravo’s The Real Housewives of New Jersey castmember Kathy Wakile had already unveiled her plastic surgery back in May on Watch What Happens Live, many viewers saw it for the first time on the Part 1 of the show’s reunion specials last Sunday.

“Pretty much everything was favorable,” Wakile tells Celebuzz of the fan reaction to her new streamlined nose and plumper lips. “You know, you always have those naysayers that say, ‘Oh, what happened, you sold out,’ or whatever, but this is something I’ve been thinking about for a long time, over a course of 20 years, believe it or not.”

Wakile says that the changes she had made to her face weren’t that drastic. She had her nose done to remove the bump from having broken it years ago and the lips were done about 10 days before the taping (and are now almost unnoticeable). Wakile says that maybe what the fans were reacting to was the total package of preparing for the very glamorous reunion taping.

“The nose, the lips, the fabulous makeup that our makeup artist had provided for me, he made me look so glamorous, then my longer hair and just the highlights. So, I think it was a complete total look that made the big difference,” she explains.

But, what did she think of Andy Cohen giving her the yellow light on further procedures?

“I could appreciate where Andy was coming from with the yellow light,” Wakile, who just celebrated her 47th birthday on Thursday, tells us. “I think that he liked the way I looked before, so I appreciate that, and I take it as a compliment.”

Wakile feels if one can enhance one’s beauty or turn back the effects of aging, then why not have some work done – within reason. She says it took her a long time to find a doctor that understood she didn’t want to go overboard.

“I had a great doctor that clearly knew what I was looking for and agreed with me,” she explains. “He didn’t want to change my appearance at all. He just saw what my concerns were, the bump in the middle there, that I broke my nose, and just wanted something where I would look really great if I got rid of it. So, that’s all we did. I kind of just went back to my early high school days, that’s all.”

Of course, Wakile has a daughter who just reached college age, so we asked her if she would support Victoria if she decided to get her own work done.

“Of course, depending on what it was, of course,” she answered. “If it was something that she absolutely didn’t need, I would try and talk her out of it. And I think that she’s still growing into herself, and I think that she is, in my eyes, she’s just so beautiful, and I just don’t feel that she needs anything.”

“I would have her be very cautious and make sure she thinks everything through,” she continues. “Because you don’t want to get caught up in that cycle of what’s next, and what’s next, and what’s next, because then you start looking very different than you ever did.”

Part 2 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion specials airs Sunday at 10 PM on Bravo.

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