Beyonce Performs With Jay-Z for Final Brooklyn Show (VIDEOS)

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Jay-Z had a very special guest for his eighth and final show at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn Saturday night: his wife Beyonce.

The 31-year-old performer belted her hit “Diva” before joining forces with Jay-Z, 42, for “Crazy in Love” and “Young Forever.”

Beyonce donned two outfits for her appearance, including a pair of skin-tight leather pants and matching jacket.

According to MTV, Jay-Z actually missed his cue for “Crazy in Love” -- but Beyonce saved the day by rapping “Young Hova, y’all know the flow is loco” for him.

What were some other highlights from Saturday’s historic show?

For transportation to the arena, Jay-Z actually took the subway instead of a car or limo, the New York Daily News reports. The rapper was joined, of course, by his own security, as well as a group of police officers as they hopped on a Brooklyn-bound R train around 6PM Saturday.

In the last nine days, Jay-Z has performed eight shows at the arena he partly owns. The brand-new Barclays Center is also home to Jay-Z’s second 40/40 club, which opened on Sept. 28 -- the same night Hova kicked off his string of concerts.

What do you think of Beyonce and Jay-Z performing together at the Barclays Center? Did you attend one of Jay-Z’s concerts at the arena? Share your thoughts below!




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  • sazzy

    I like B but she sucks she tries so hard to be ghetto! And her ass ew just keeps getting flat!

  • Linnea

    Beyonce... pleeeaaasee stop singing Crazy in love if you don't have plans to make a new show out of it.. It's just so.. old now, and you only roared in the mic. Not beautiful at all! It was boring all the time, and i know you can do SO much better.

  • Cynthia Azzam
    Cynthia Azzam

    really???? that was it???? Not impressive at all. Rather ghetto and poor. Old, tired, been done, not creative.

  • Linksys2000

    Beyonce: Her entry---very captivating but this performance was not interesting! I found myself waiting for the BIG MOMENT but it was extremely delayed. Honestly, I believe that this was the perfect opportunity to debut a new song..but the old ones didn't raise a eyebrow. Simply, not interesting and the vocals lacked creativity. Jay-z:Classic! No comparison. At 41 he's doing good! I enjoyed his delay when entering the stage as it left more for the imagination. Nothing bad to say about his performance. Beyonce: Not Good! Very off Key! Did she really drop the microphone at the end? OMG! Stale. She should have brought us to the planet that she's least, we could have comparatively enjoyed the set!