‘Revenge’ Star Christa B. Allen Teases Charlotte Researching Her Roots, Reuniting With Victoria (PHOTOS)

'Revenge' Returns
Recap: The queen bees are back for S2.
If there was ever a television show to make the best use of idle hands being the devil’s playthings, it is ABC’s Revenge.

It is summer in the Hamptons again for the second season, and Emily (Emily VanCamp) has just returned from training with Takeda (Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa) in Japan to learn that Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) is very much alive. This secret is being kept from the majority of the Grayson family, and the Hamptons’ high society in general, which puts Emily in a power position alongside… Charlotte (Christa B. Allen)?

After an overdose at the end of last season, and sixty days in a rehab facility off-screen, the young Ms. Grayson certainly seems to have climbed the ranks fast. Will she be able to hold her perch?

What’s coming up in the world of Revenge?

“I think it’s always been sort of a seesaw as to who Charlotte sees as an ally. So last season it seemed like it was more Conrad; she could trust him. But now that he’s betrayed her with everything that happened with the rehab center and Charlotte getting out, she turns back to her mom because she has nobody else,” Allen said when she chatted with Celebuzz.

“It seems like all they have is each other — Victoria and Charlotte,” She also said. “So, they have to rely on that… She can’t be out there on her own!”

Charlotte started to align herself with Emily, merely by letting her in on the secret, but Allen wouldn’t rule out the fact that despite feeling a sisterly responsibility towards her, Emily could still be using Charlotte to some degree. Especially once the whole Grayson family learns of Victoria’s status on the second episode, “Resurrection.”

“All of the relationships are starting to come to light as to who’s really who and how everyone’s connected to each other. With Charlotte, I feel like she’s kind of grasping at straws. Every person she confides in ends up using her as a pawn in some way, and I think that could even be the case with Emily to some point… You don’t know the purpose of having that close a relationship: Is it just so Emily can get closer to Victoria and enact her revenge?” Allen considered.

And just like on Season 1, Daniel (Josh Bowman) will be off doing his own thing, not leaving a lot of time for Charlotte.

“There is one little bit coming up in Episode 3 where Charlotte ends up up a creek, and Daniel’s there with a boat and a paddle,” Allen previewed. “I hope in some way they can end up saving each other.”

Though Allen admitted we won’t be learning just how Charlotte came to the conclusion that her mother was still alive after all (“we never really explain how she got the phone or how they got into contact with each other,” she clarified), Charlotte’s actions with the information will set up an arc that explores her inner Grayson and proves there really is something to “like mother, like daughter.”

“I think she’s picking up a thing or two,” Allen laughed. “You’ll see that there’s a really big, important thing that happens that makes Charlotte want to know more about Conrad and Victoria’s past. She’ll be researching all of her roots.”

“You see her start out this season being a little more vindictive than maybe you’d expect her to be,” Allen added. “And I’d love to see her continue down that [road], maybe do something that’s not nice to Declan and then have to redeem herself and prove what she’s made of after messing up.”

Something tells us a lot of Revenge fans would really want to see that!

Revenge airs Sunday nights at 9 PM on ABC.

Flip through some shots of Season 2’s second episode, “Resurrection,” above.

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