'Real Housewives of New Jersey's' Kathy Wakile Defends Her Marriage, Calls Teresa Giudice 'Cowardly'

"I draw the line somewhere."
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There are two topics that will always get a rise out of a Real Housewife: Kids and marriage. And it was the latter that had Kathy Wakile steaming mad on Part 1 of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion last Sunday.

“You want to try and pick away my marriage? What’s next?” Wakile tells Celebuzz of cousin Teresa Giudice’s comments on the reunion.

“How much further, how much more am I going to take from her when I’ve only tried to be gracious and try to help her and try to be right with her, and this is what you’re going to do? Come on. I draw the line somewhere,” she continues.

Wakile knows she got heated (and possibly out of line) after Giudice brought up that she and husband, Richie, were heading toward divorce at one point and then said she heard it from her mother, Wakile’s aunt.

What does she have to say about her comments about Teresa's mother?

“I felt badly about it after, because that’s really not been my character to do that,” Wakile, 47, tells us.

“I’ve always had so much respect for my uncle and my aunt,” she adds. “And even at last year’s fashion show when my aunt lashed out at me -- I think that everybody saw how she lashed out at me -- when I was simply just trying to have a conversation with Teresa. She had no idea what our conversation was about and she just lashed out at me. Of course, protecting her daughter and I respect that. And that’s why I did not react to her. I just kept my mouth shut.”

But, that doesn’t mean Wakile has let her cousin off the hook. “When Teresa tried to pick apart my marriage at the reunion and then blame it on her mother,” she says. “Well, that was cowardly in itself.”

Wakile thinks that it’s Giudice who believes that she has problems in her marriage and felt that her cousin should “own it,” because her mother's “not here to defend herself.”

As for the state of her marriage, the reality star says, “My husband’s with me 99 percent of the day. Even if there had been, which there wasn’t, any talk of a divorce, or anything like that, it is 21 years later. We just celebrated our 21-year wedding anniversary and I couldn’t love him any more than I do now.”

And as for the alleged problems in Giudice’s marriage, which have included infidelity and verbal abuse on Joe's part, Wakile says she hopes that they can work it out.

“I wish them the best,” she says, “Because the bottom line is, if there are problems in a marriage, not only the husband and wife suffers, it’s the family that suffers. So I hope that she is dealing with it, and they are on their way to having a happy life together. I would never want to see anyone’s home broken. Never.”

Part 2 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion airs Sunday at 10 PM on Bravo.

Who do you feel was in the wrong in this situation? Kathy or Teresa? Sound off below.




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  • lori

    Teresa is mean and has a big problem with telling the truth. What do her parents think of the way she is acting. Do they see what a trouble maker she is. Joe and Melissa have to keep up with the crap Teresa dishes out. It's a very sad story for the family. Teresa, you give the Italians a bad name.Who would ever want to be like you! Kathy and Rosie stay as sweet as you both are,you are the true meaning of family.Teresa,if you don't have family you don't have anything at all. Think about it!


    YOU LOOK FAB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • And the award goes to . . .
    And the award goes to . . .

    If I did not get along with my sister -in-law, why would I even consider going on a show like RHNJ? unless I want on to sabbitoge Tre and turn everyone against her and scoop up additional $ along the way. Melissa single handlely got joes parents, sister and nieces out of his life. I bet the friends of Tres turning against her at the same time is icing on the cake. melissa, you won, Best Conniver Award, Soap opera career maybe? Melissa please stop singing on the show.

  • judee56

    Tresesa is the worst mothers on she started all the lies just to have more camera time she is the jealous one it is so ovious she is mean and evil its sick what she has done to everyone on the show

  • Irvinegirl

    Oh please. Teresa is demented and childish. She's a terrible friend who will throw you under the bus as soon as it looks like you're not a sycophant. She's also a horrible mother as witnessed by her bratty kids.

  • dear

    Gia is beautiful and talented her mother tre is the best out of all the jersy cast. i love her

  • dear

    love, love tre

  • fb100004496133155

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  • Tina

    Mother of 5,I think Teresa needs mental help. Caroline and the rest of the ladies are super.

  • Tina

    Teresa is scum, and everybody in Jersey knows her husband 's a scum bag cheater. It'll only be a matter of time before she dumps him.

  • Amy

    Im not on Teresa's side or mad at Teresa or really mad at anyone HOWEVER I'd like to make a couple of points. 1. Why should Teresa have to tell Jacqueline what is going with private bankruptcy dealings in her personal life? How judgmental. -2. Caroline needs to get a life and practice what she preaches. Accept tres apologies and move forward. 3. Kathy knew exactly what she was doing when she opened up the dialogue with Teresa in the hot tub about Caroline with Caroline sitting right there! I'm sorry they all seem like envious, negative people. Why so many limits on friendship?

  • Sara

    Whenever I hear someone is "team, Teresa" is wonder how mentally stable they must be... And you're raising 5 kids?!?

  • Mother of five
    Mother of five

    I am a Teresa supporter through and through. All the other women seriously need a get a life, ESPECIALLY CAROLINE. If I got the chance, I would tell that one off - live in judgement of yourself, NO ONE IS PERFECT and it isn't your job to point out the imperfections. Same goes for Jacqueline, Melissa and Kathy - get jobs, not revolving around bringing someone down when they are already there. GO TERESA!

  • Bella from Paterson
    Bella from Paterson

    Kathy was wrong, you never bring up your parents , aunts or uncles.. Shame on you. If you have aproblem with Teresa or whatever , be a stand up person and don't drag any other people in your mess. Oh BTW Kathy I knew you and Richie from way back then and he was a scum bag creap then and I am sure he is now. He was always saying nasty things to girls and we all would laugh at him because he was and still his so ugly and creapy.. Remember that the next time you defend him. He is not wortyh it....

  • Laurie

    I really admire Kathy. She really appears to be genuine, family oriented, and what one might classify as a well adjusted person. I find her to be a good role model. Best of the mom's on the franchise, next to Caroline.

  • Victoria McGuire
    Victoria McGuire