ABC’s ‘Nashville’ Presents Musical Rivals: Taylor Swift vs. Kanye West (VIDEO)

Taylor Swift at 2012 VMAs
Taylor Swift works the red carpet at the 2012 MTV VMAs in Los Angeles.
The best Twitter moments of a hip hop legend
In the competitive world of the music industry, great rivalries between artists quickly become the stuff of legend. Legendary enough, in fact, to become the backbone of ABC’s buzz-worthy new show Nashville, premiering Wednesday October 10th at 10/9 c.

When Taylor Swift won her MTV Video Music Award for Best New Video, the last thing she expected was to have a hip-hop legend storm the stage and share the spotlight. But there was Kanye West professing his love for Beyonce’s candidacy in the category.

Security intervened and escorted West from the stage, but social media was already ablaze with opinions and reports of the incident. West apologized and went so far as to offer to write a song for the country star. But the damage to West’s rep was done, and as for Taylor Swift, the incident catapulted her to a level of stardom from which she hasn’t looked back.

Want to know more about the Swift v. West rivalry?

Check out our exclusive video about the whole affair – then tune in to watch Nashville, premiering Wednesday October 10th at 10/9 c, only on ABC.

Nashville stars Connie Britton and Hayden Panettiere as Rayna James and Juliette Barnes, rival country singers trying to hit the top in one of the greatest music cities in the world. In their ruthless rivalry, they’ll do anything to claim the spotlight, because in Nashville, there’s only room for one at the top of charts.