Daniel Craig’s James Bond Dresses in Drag to Support Women’s Equality (VIDEO)

Craig's 007 Swimsuit Sold
His 'Casino Royale' bikini briefs fetch $72K at auction.
Just how far will Daniel Craig go to promote his work as James Bond? Here’s video of an undercover mission he undertook that makes his Olympic helicopter leap with Queen Elizabeth II look like a Sunday drive in an Aston Martin.

Agent 007 has seduced an awful lot of women over the years, but does he really understand them? In this clip, Craig’s Bond sees how the other sex lives by disguising himself as a woman — while being gently but firmly upbraided by the off-screen voice of his own female boss, M (Judi Dench).

What really motivated Craig’s 007 to put on a blond wig, a printed frock, a padded bra, black hose, and stiletto heels?

The video turns out to be a clip made for International Women’s Day in March 2011, under the auspices of WeAreEquals.org. The text of M’s speech makes that clear, citing statistics that point out how women still earn less than men for the same work and how much more likely they are to be targeted by violent criminals. The exercise seems to force Bond to recognize, at least for a moment, how gender-based double standards make his life as a sexually active spy a lot easier because he’s a man. (Hat tip to Movie City News for finding the video.)

Of course, the video also offers a reminder that, even during the four-year hiatus between 2008’s Quantum of Solace and this year’s Skyfall (opening November 9), a gap between Bond films that was twice as long as usual because of MGM’s money woes, Craig and Dench continued to play their most famous characters whenever they got a chance. Whether stumping for a cause or providing a flashy moment of British self-congratulation during the opening of the London Olympics, Craig is often game to appear in character, even if he’s taking the character to places that novelist/creator Ian Fleming would never have dreamed of.

This weekend, Craig’s 007 had some more awkward female-centered incidents on Saturday Night Live, where a spoof ad for the new Bond DVD set included outtakes of the spy’s unsatisfying encounters with supposedly forgotten Bond girls — famous actresses like Diane Keaton, Jodie Foster, Ellen DeGeneres, and Lea Michele, as played by members of the SNL cast. As with Craig’s other off-the-reservation Bond stunts, it served both to humanize the actor’s often blunt and cruel take on the legendary spy while also reminding everyone that Skyfall’s release is just around the corner. (See the sketch in the video below.)

Do you think Craig’s drag stunt works as a way of raising important issues? And how do you think he looks as a woman? Let us know below.


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