Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson Are Dating Again (REPORT)

bella and edward back on?
Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson: Relationship Quotes

Twi-hards can stop their worrying now as Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson have rekindled their romance.

The duo – who play Bella Swan and Edward Cullen in the highly-successful Twilight series – broke up after Stewart admitted this July to having a brief fling with married Snow White and the Huntsman director, Rupert Sanders.

How did this estranged couple get back together?

After moving out of their shared home in Los Feliz, Calif., Stewart, 22, and Pattinson, 26, met up in Los Angeles over the weekend of Sept. 15 and have since began spending more and more time together, according to People.

Pattinson has reportedly decided not to sell their house, a source tells the magazine.

The news of the reconciliation comes just a week after it was announced that both Stewart and Pattinson will be embarking on a global promotional tour for their upcoming movie, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2. The couple is scheduled to attend press junkets together starting Oct. 28, with a joint red carpet appearance at Los Angeles' Nokia Theater for the world premiere of the movie on Nov. 12.

What do you think about Pattinson taking back Stewart after the cheating scandal? Sound off below.




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  • rabbit

    Sooo frekin hottt

  • GersGirl

    Jeez.....wither you agree or disagree Robert has decided he wants her in his life and they are both very happy with the decision. I personally am happy with it and wish them happiness, an to everyone unhappy and hating on there relationship get a grip its there private life and we have no right to question it, opinions fine but hatred towards it no.

  • DJ

    I am happy for them...forgiveness is very important to all types of relationships.

  • blue blood
    blue blood

    Its their lives, not ours. If they do plan to rekindle, I wish them all the the luck. People do make mistakes. It takes even a greater person to forgive. Hope it doesnt happen again but if it does, then they should split.

  • Mary

    It takes a strong man to forgive something like this. I think they really do love each other. If he chooses to take the leap of faith, it"s up to him. This whole thing is between Kristen and Rob. It's none of our business and it never has been.

  • Misty

    Why only 50 pics when they supposedly spent so much time together? When her or Rob get 100's of pics walking from a restaurant entrance to a car? Ever think about that? Why no video? Ever think that the rest of the pics were her trying to get Ruperv off of her? That guy never had a name in Hollywood - used to direct commercials before SWATH. Liberty was bored in LA. Now they're household names. Liberty's got scripts rolling in, is back on the runways. Wonder who made the tip call? Maybe Liberty and Ruperv set Kristen up. Their marriage was in trouble before all this happened. Do a little research -makes sense if everyone would just use their heads to think about all that instead of using their heads to come up with all this hatred.

  • Misty

    Most of these hate slingers still have quite some time to go before they're in their 20's. I don't think they've been taught the "glass houses" tale yet - I think that comes in the 8th grade.

  • Nijah

    By the way, her ''apology'' has been proven to be fake. She never said.

  • Nijah

    You think I didn't see the photos? I saw them, Kristen really looks uncomfortable.

  • mallrutz

    This getting back together is all for the movie sales after the DVD goes on sale as a collectors edition they will have split up.

  • ap

    she already caught by the paprazzi ,her and Rupert had 50 cheating pictures you can google and she apologized for her momentary indiscretion.Rupert is a homewrecker but she contributed half of it.Kristen looked so happy in the pictures kissed ,groped and dryhumped by Rupert.

  • Louise

    Kristen will never be the same, now I love her even more!! This all served to your fans assume their passion for it, which is amazing!!

  • KimR

    Meant Shouldnt throw stones....

  • KimR

    Know that saying about people in glass houses should throw stones.....think that people should stay the hell out of their business and attend to their own....stop following these people around expecting them to be perfect and not make mistakes.....Both Kristen and Rob are still young adults and how many out there can say they didnt make any mistakes in their 20's? Not a damn one of you so leave them alone and let them work out their own relationship in peace!!!!!!

  • lv013

    Rob and Kristen do have a real connection and it's something they both can't escape. This will be the hardest thing that they will ever go through but on the other side this beautiful couple,who deserve nothing but the best, will be better and stronger than ever.

  • Nijah

    Wow, people still think she cheated. I believe she was harassed, Sanders KNEW the cameras were there, he looked right at them. Kristen is not that stupid to ''cheat'' in broad day light. You people call her a homewrecker, yet Sanders himself is the homewrecker.

  • ap

    you need to teach your girl that married man is off limits.eKristen beautiful soul has lacking sense of morality.Bet Rob is not proud d of being cheated by her.she is really a big girl but stupid ,reckless and immature

  • kira

    I'm with you

  • Suzanne

    Who cares whether they are together or not. It's not like their relationship directly affects any of our lives. Please leave them alone! Stop with the hate, the name calling and the bullying!

  • Nat

    No wonder he and Rihanna get on so well. Both are such tools. 10 bucks says she cheats on him again and hes gonna look like such a loser lol

  • Louise

    I mean Kristen is an example ..... so young and so authentic, so aware of it either ..... is the only person in the world who does not want to be better than the others, has a beautiful soul , a big girl!! My pride!!

  • Claire

    I love her, it seems he feels the same!! Of course they should get together, they love each other!!

  • lil_me

    I guess their love is eternal... along with their stupidity -_-